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Shipping & Packaging Information:

Shipping Information & Shipping Times
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Tips and Tricks:

Getting to know your new bag
How to save time and money with Carry-on
Protect your Carry-on from theft while travelling
Cleaning and care instructions
How to repair Carry-on
Standard's Guide to One Bag Travel

General FAQs:

Do you sell Carry-on in stores?
Why did you design the Carry-on?
Where can I find your product videos?

Carry-on Backpack FAQs:

Are both colors (Orange & Teal) included?How much can I pack into Carry-on?
How is Carry-on the maximum legal carry-on size?
Will Carry-on fit my laptop?
How long will it take to deliver Carry-on ?
Is the messenger strap removable?
How much does Carry-on weigh?
What are Carry-on's volume and dimensions?
What materials are used in Carry-on?
How does Carry-on Compare with your Competitors?
Is Carry-on water resistant?

Packing Cube Set FAQs:

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Backpack Packing Cube FAQs:

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Travel Wallet FAQs:

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