Choosing the Best Travel Backpack for Business Travel

Choosing the best travel backpack for you business travel is as important as the success of your actual business. What really travels with you all over the world, and bears with you on these long trips and multiple destinations is what really matters - A perfect backpack is, hence, your ideal travel companion.

In such a scenario, the travel pack which you finally select is the key to make or break your business trips.

Best Travel Backpack for Business Travel
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Features of an ideal backpack for entrepreneurs

Weight distribution

Backpacks which have good weight distribution and fit well to the contours of the body make travel a lot easier. In fact, they afford easy walking over stairs, public transport and uneven pavements as well. This also acts as a time saver for your flights as you can easily avoid check-in queues.

Proper selection

Selection of a good travel backpack for business travellers need careful consideration, as the need to stay organised at all times is of vital importance. Remember one thing, that it is not necessary that a travel bag which was good for someone else will be good for you too. Your size and needs will vary with the needs of others and so it is important that you work this out for yourself. There are hundreds of different types of  backpacks, so it is better you select the best for your needs. It should be sufficient to carry a business suit and a laptop with few essentials, typically.


The size of the backpack you opt for is the most important factor to consider when choosing an ideal one for your requirements. With so many size limitations in place these days, it all the more important to be extra vigilant. Having said that, it is because it does not depend on the whether the bag is large or small, but on how it actually rests between your shoulders and back without creating any problem. Remember one important thing though, that there is no substitute for quality. A veteran business traveller will pass through airport security, without fumbling through his luggage, in no time at all, simply due to the fact that he is aware of the sizes allowed and the specifications of the travel backpack he is carrying.


An ideal backpack for business related travel should preferably have a capacity of 35 to 45 litres. This size is good enough to store a kit for a week long trip. It should contain an expandable zipper to allow you extra space for those souvenirs and gifts to take back home.

Compartments & Pockets

The backpack you select should have should have the optimum number of zip pockets. Considering other aspects, the situation of the laptop compartment is what which makes passing airport security a breeze. If it is located at the back of the backpack, then accessing it will be all the more simple when going through airport security.

A  shoulder strap helps doubling it up as a suitcase if you are heading straight to a meeting from the airport. The pack should contain various pockets for better organisation of your essentials, like keys, cellphone, business cards, noise reduction headphones and other important items which may otherwise end up at an inaccessible place in your backpack. Having padded shoulder straps in your backpack would make carrying it a lot easier as well.


A good backpack for entrepreneurs and professionals should have comfort and good load balance. When you are attempting to haul your bag into the overhead compartment of the aircraft, these things will come in handy. Additionally the bag should be sleek and innovative looking, with additional space available for volume, without any problems of portability.


A rain cover comes in handy if you need to check in your backpack or incase of sudden downpours. Your business suits and laptops are far more important and must be kept safe at all times.


For easy identification, incase you choose to check it in, a choice of colour highlights could be earmarked.

Opening style

Clam shell opening will allow for easy packing, which is best suited for sales executives, technologists and travelling consultants. Your business suits need to be ironed out and laid straight and strapped in to avoid any creasing.


Over the years, there has been significant innovations in the fields of carry on backpacking, especially due to the increase in competition day by day. While on the move, an ultimate business backpack, will render yeomen service and save precious time which you may feel irrelevant at that particular moment. How easy is the backpack to adjust to your body and comfortable to carry will be a crucial deciding factor.


As studies have shown, that if you are not carrying any bag over long distances, backpacks  are the better option than duffel bags and offer more advantages over suitcases as well. Remember one thing though, that there is absolutely no substitute for quality, so if you intend to travel more often then you should not be afraid to spend an extra amount on a well crafted piece of luggage. Not only high quality backpacks are durable and last longer, they are light as well and offer greater comfort.

Business people travel to save time, so the last thing they need to be addressed with are any luggage issues. In an ever changing lifestyle, the modern businessman has to travel without much rest from one place to another. The primary criteria of an ideal backpack should therefore be ease of movement and easy passage through airports and railway stations to save time.


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