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Carry-on Travel Backpacks & Packing Accessories

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#1 Rated Travel Backpack

Keep Calm and Carry-On

Skip the lines, never worry about lost luggage, and save money by avoiding airline fees

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Designed to work as the Ultimate Travel System:

Carry Everything You Need

The Daily is Your Smart Backpack for Work

Get the job done with anti-theft design and on-the-go charging

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Our mission is simple: help people travel—comfortably and efficiently—and save money, without the need to check a bag

Smart fliers know the best way to fly is carry-on only. Doing so saves consumers $50+ in round-trip-fees, allows them to skip the lines at the airport, and you never risk having luggage lost or stolen. Carry-on flyers travel light, never overpack, and move between checkpoints, vehicles, and hotels free from stress.

When you travel, you want gear that helps and never hinders. That’s why Standard Luggage designed the Ultimate Travel System of backpacks and accessories to help you focus on staying happy and productive on any journey.