Best Travel Backpack for Men on the Move

With the steep rise in checked in baggage fees, men have started using travel backpacks for their travels rather than for just hiking, as was the norm a few decades ago.

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Having said that, the earlier backpacks or rather hiking bags, were not designed for long breaks or any sort of air travel. As time has passed, newer and better varieties of carry on travel backpacks have flooded the market to cater to the requirements of men constantly on the move, which have gradually replaced the traditional wheel trolley luggage. These creative inventions have been so designed so as to provide the best shape which lightens the load and saves the back at the same time.

Backpacks for men, come in so many different shapes, styles, colors and sizes that making the right selection can become quite tricky. This is one item in the luggage which can either make or break your travel plans in no time. 

The decision of selecting the right backpack, therefore, becomes even more important especially when multiple destinations over an increasing number of travel days are involved. Retailers and websites are not of much help as they are only interested in highlighting their product to sell. To help you in choosing the best travel backpack for the fleet-footed male traveler of today, a complete guide is placed below, which may assist you in making the right decision.

Choosing a Brand

If the intended travel is long and by different means of transport, you would probably want a durable and quality brand that will last your various travel trips. You will be spending a lot of time in airports, buses, queues dusty roads and God knows where with your trusted backpack carrying your gear. The main qualities while looking for a good backpack should be:


  • Adapts to your body shape and height
  • Provides equal distribution of weight
  • Can fit your belongings safely
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Easy to pack and unpack
  • Meets your budget


Type and Size of Backpack

Quite a few points need to be looked into when opting for the ideal backpack to suit your travel plans. Just remember one important thing that it is not necessary that a backpack which was good for your colleague would be equally good for you as well. Your size and needs are bound to be different and so will be the type and size. If you are not used to travelling with a backpack, your shoulders and lower back are likely to come under extra strain, so a proper fit is very important.

The main point is the pack should fit you well.The size and shape should be such that there are no problems caused to the back over a period of long use. Pick a bag size just marginally bigger than your requirement. If your pack is too small or too big, it will create an imbalance resulting in back pain or even falling down. The best thing to do is to go to a store, stuff your backpack with equivalent of 15 kg and try it on.

Check the dimensions to make sure they adhere to the baggage restrictions of your favourite airline. The carry on capacity is a maximum of 45 litres usually which is adhered to by most airlines.


Straps for a vital part of any backpack for travel. A good strap will ensure comfort and a good fit. A good padded hip strap will make all the difference in ease of carrying and comfort to the hips. Similarly padded shoulder straps, a strap connecting the two shoulder straps and a carry strap to use the bag as a shoulder bag are convenient. All these straps should have a place to store in a zippered panel, to make it convenient for carrying in buses and planes.


On a long trip backpacks with external frames can be heavy and should be avoided. For extended travel a backpack with internal lightweight frames is the perfect choice. Not only will the bags look better but will make moving around easy as the frames are made of carbon fiber or strong plastic.


A good travel pack should have multiple compartments, conveniently placed to allow for quick access of items which may otherwise end up at the bottom of the bag. Too many compartments can also become troublesome, as things tend to get misplaced leading to loss of time in looking for them. A backpack with three to five lockable  compartments and a separate pocket for the laptop is invaluable to say the least.


Traditional zippers were not waterproof, but the good backpack today comes with waterproof zippers. Manufacturers have also started using heavy duty zippers to avoid the constant breakdown problems associated with them.


The best backpack should have a U-zip that closes the bag from three sides and affords access to your belongings similar to a suitcase.Such packs are best designed for long travel where you are in constant need of items from your pack without the hassles of top loading. 


Good backpacks have a back panel made of suspended mesh which is breathable and provides sufficient ventilation between your bag and back to prevent sweating.


Any backpack made of water resistant material is considered to be good. Opt for a lightweight material which dries quickly to avoid being laden with a wet and heavy backpack. Ideally, the waterproofing should be adequate enough to keep your clothes dry in the eventuality of getting caught in a downpour.


The bottom line is that a good backpack for travelling men should offer flexibility and confirm to the strict airline regulations that vary around the world. While a rigid suitcase can cause problems with security, a soft carry bag can always be squeezed past. All this means that a good carry on travel bag is the ultimate boon for male travellers.


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