Standard's Guide to One Bag Travel

Short of venturing out with no bag at all, there is no denial that one bag travel is really appealing. Many travelers think that the more nights they spend on tour, the more things they will need to carry. Nothing could be further from the truth, because if you pack just what you will use, a week long trip will just require a little bit extra than an overnight jaunt. It is not necessary to bring everything you want on the trip.

So no matter where you are going and for how long, limit your baggage to one backpack. After all, you can only travel, if you pack the bare essentials so that your luggage is minimum and weighs next to nothing. Remember that over packing is the number one travel mistake. Here we will teach you a life changing experience by explaining how to go on any trip, either for holiday or business, for any length of time, with just a single carry-on sized backpack.

 Standard's Guide to One Bag Travel

Why travel with one bag?

Ease: Irrespective of the duration of your trip, travelling with one light piece of luggage offers good mobility. The hassles involved, from lugging it to the airport, dodging the crowds, stowing it on the flight, and finally bringing it back home all translates into an imposing exercise which can be best tackled by using a single backpack.

Economical : With only one bag to carry you save on checked baggage fees,porters or any other person required to store your luggage. You can save a lot on travel by using public transport, rather than travelling in taxis. In fact you may even opt to walk if the situation permits and come in closer contact with the locals.

Security :Travelling with a bag attains a great peace of mind. There is no requirement to check them in, thereby avoiding damage or mislay. The bag remains with you at all times under your protection making you least vulnerable to any misdeed.

Reduces stress: With a hassle free way to go about anywhere, travelling light, reduces your stress and saves a lot of time. You waste the least time in packing and carrying the stuff, saving energy and leaving with lots of extra time on your trip. One bag travel is especially preferred for foreign travel, which is more challenging as you cope in unfamiliar conditions.

Health: Travelling light with just one bag reduces the chances of accidents and other health issues which can crop up, like muscle strain, hernia etc caused due to carrying heavy loads.

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Choosing the Right Bag For You

Success in selection of the right hand luggage can lead to a freedom filled travel experience. If your bag is sturdy and from a reliable brand, you are ensured that it will remain intact, even if you choose to book it. Moreover, if you are a frequent traveler or travelling for long periods, it is all the more important to go for a carry-on  backpack.

Choose the Right Bag for One Bag Travel

They are a great option for outdoor activities as well. As a general yardstick, go for a carry-on no larger than 45 inches, which includes length plus width plus height, which is the standard allowed in most major airlines. The weight should not exceed 20 pounds loaded and the structure should be non-rigid. Even if a flight allows you to carry a larger bag, remember that it is you who has to lift it and place it in the overhead bin. If flying in a small airline in a foreign country, you would not like to pay extra fees or get your bag off-loaded.

Choose a bag with a bright colour to make it easy to spot in the luggage carousel. Check the interiors for pouches, belts and pockets to hold wet clothes. Before buying, walk around with it to check for feel of the fabric, comfort, sturdiness and durability. Finally, if you shop for a bag online, order it at least four weeks prior to your intended date of travel so that it can be returned or exchanged if it does not feel right in any way. The people who know best about the quality of the product you are buying are the manufacturers. So check out their warranty policies and go for one which offers the best.


Make A Packing List

Make A Packing List

Without any doubt, proper packing, is the single most important aspect for the intelligent traveller. First and foremost, create your own personal packing list and use it all the time. This list should serve as a yardstick for not what to take on any trip but as a model for all trips. It should be like a personal pact, which can only be refined but not added to under any circumstances. The list will also ensure that you do not leave behind any important article, especially for the one bag traveller, where a single forgotten essential can ruin a trip. The packing list will also help you in repacking to see that nothing is left behind. Should your bag may somehow get lost or misplaced, a checklist in your pocket or handbag will improve the chances of it getting returned to you.

Remember These Packing Tips 

While travelling with just one bag, you are always in control and flexible in movements. So how do you fit the luggage of a week long trip in one small carry-on backpack? Simply carry very little.

To go about this exercise, spread everything that you want to carry on the floor. Scrutinise every item carefully and think what you can do without. Once your list has been narrowed down to the bare essentials you need to carry, then consider the packing strategies.

1. Roll, don't fold

Most travel experts, including backpackers agree that rolling is better than folding. If you roll the clothes tightly, they would not only take up less space but reduce chances of wrinkles as well.

2. Layers

Wear the heavy clothes on the flight and pack your bag with enough layers to see you through the different climate changes you may encounter. The items should be packed in such a way to allow for easy screening and in layers. For example, shoes,clothes and then electronics so that the security person can see what is inside easily. This will also allow you to move through security faster.

3. Pack from bottom up

Pack all the heavy things and which you may not require urgently at the bottom. This provides for a sound base. Remember to fill in the corners. You will be surprised as to how much space they can offer. The stuff which is likely to come in contact with your bag should be stored correctly to provide consistency and comfort. Finally at the top, put your towel and sarong. Not only they cover up everything,  but can be whipped out whenever needed.


Make Sure You Have A Printable Packing Checklist

A printable packing checklist covers all travel essentials required for any trip. To help you to reach your destination with only what you need the ultimate packing list for your one bag is displayed here. Remember, though, that what you really need is determined by various factors, which makes the task more challenging. An ever evolving list of things to assist you in honing your skills for packing  is given here. A little effort will be needed for segregating a list for men, women and families, especially those with children.

Download your free packing checklist here



Final Remarks 

Finally, do not get discouraged if you cannot do the transition in one go. The expert one bag traveller will need to master all the above elements in order of importance over a period of time. Do not try to tackle everything at once.

Start with what appeals to you and gradually hone your skills till the other targets are achieved. The objective should be to impart an unforgettable travel experience in unfettered freedom, one which is beyond the comprehension of those who like to travel with loads of luggage.


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