The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Theft-Proof Backpack

How to keep my money safe while backpacking or simply going to work with a backpack? How do I protect my backpack from theft? Are my credit cards safe? These are some of the most common questions among backpackers, digital nomads, and even daily commuters.

Theft Proof Backpack

We hate to say it but protecting your belongings is one of the biggest challenges you will face while you’re traveling or in some cases even while commuting to work. Imagine if you’re a broke college student trying to explore the world on a tight budget! Thieves can prey on you no matter what your situation in life is.

Here is what you need to do to keep your things from getting stolen. Invest in a theft-proof backpack even it costs an extra buck or two!

Look for a robust anti-theft backpack design

How do you know if your backpack has an anti-theft design?

From a safety point of view, the backpack should be designed in such a way that it hugs your body comfortably making it safe against unwanted access and theft. In other words, it should feel fitted and tight.

Your backpack sits on your back and not in front of you. Since it is impossible to keep an eye on it all the time, it must be as tamper-proof and easy to protect as possible.

If your backpack sits snugly on your back, it will be extremely difficult for a thief to access it unseen. They would much rather leave you alone rather than risk being caught trying to steal.

In addition, it should also have straps that are easy to adjust. Also, if you’re fashion-conscious, sleek and minimalistic designs are “in” now.

Buy a backpack with lockable zippers and compartments

Many backpack companies design robust backpacks without paying any attention to the quality of its components. Low-quality zippers, fasteners, handles, and straps make even the best backpack designs practically worthless. Look for a backpack that maintains consistent quality across all components.

Lockable Zips

Your backpack’s quality is directly correlated to the quality of its zippers, buckles and snap hooks. Poor quality zippers are easy to break making it easy for other people to access your belongings.

If you don’t want thieves and pickpockets to snoop around your bag, you should secure the zippers. This means your backpack must have lockable zippers. YKK zippers and fasteners are trusted around the world and millions of people vouch by it.

In addition to keeping your things safe from thieves, high-quality lockable zippers will also keep your things dry if you’re caught in rainy weather.

Look for a backpack with an RFID blocking feature

In today’s world, thieves don’t have to slash your backpacks or flick your wallets to steal from you. Electronic pickpockets and card-skimming thieves can steal your digital information simply by standing next to you with a scanner.

The number of electronic stealing incidents has skyrocketed over recent years making it necessary to have RFID blocking accessories to protect your data.

We recommend investing in a smart backpack with an RFID blocker to prevent hackers from gaining access to your information wirelessly.


A backpack with a laptop pocket is nice to have

Many of us are heavily dependent on our computers to make a living. For frequent business travelers, digital nomads and people who use public transportation, a travel backpack or daily backpack should ideally have a laptop pocket to keep this important possession safe and sound.

No matter what type of traveler or commuter you are, we’re certain you will agree that laptop pockets are functional, and you can say goodbye to additional laptop bags if your backpack has a laptop pocket.

When you buy a daily backpack, make sure your backpack has a separate cushioned compartment for your laptop. This is the best way to protect it from dust and debris as well as the normal jolts and knocks that are possible when we move from place to place.

The laptop pocket should ideally also have a strap or a Velcro closure to seal it and keep the laptop in place.

Some backpacks even have additional tablet sleeves, notebook sleeves as well as camera and lens pockets.

A smart backpack with a USB charging port is desirable

You’re probably wondering why a USB charging port is an anti-theft feature. It is not!

But a USB charging port built into your backpack means you will never have to go off the grid especially if you’re trapped in an unsafe situation.

Keeping your mobile phone charged at all times gives you the ability to reach out to others for help when you need it.

What if you’re in a risky neighborhood and your phone just doesn’t turn on?

Backpacks that double as suitcases and messengers are great

Some backpacks are super versatile as in their straps can be easily hidden away to convert them into suitcases or even messengers.

3-in-1 design

This means you can protect your bag better when you’re in a crowded place by turning it into a messenger or a suitcase.

When you’re shopping around for a good daily backpack, keep this function in mind.

This feature is also nice to have when you’re rushing off to meet with a client. Suitcases certainly exude a more professional vibe than backpacks.

Backpacks should be water-resistant and lightweight

Again, this feature is about protecting your belongings from inclement weather and not theft.

At Standard Luggage, our daily-use backpack is made of 310D polyurethane sealed nylon which is known for high levels of water-resistance. However, if you’re stuck in an unexpected downpour, we also provide an added rain cover for maximum protection and your own peace of mind.

In addition, our durable 210D nylon inner lining makes it sturdy and resistant to rips and tears.

In other words, look for a backpack that is designed to hold up against bad weather and does not rip or tear easily

Look for a few external backpack pockets

Over and above all the features we’ve talked about so far, your backpack should also be stylish and functional. It should have a couple of easy-to-access external pockets to keep your phones, keys, identity cards, and passports.

Even better if these external pockets are built into the design instead of protruding or sticking out too much giving easy access to thieves and pickpockets.

When you’re looking for a backpack for regular use, pick something that can survive odds and has at least most of these features if not all. We tend to put our bags through a lot. We sit on them, dump our trash in them and leave them carelessly on dusty floors. Buy a backpack that does not have to be replaced or repaired every few months even if you have to spend an extra dollar or two.

At Standard Luggage, our daily backpacks come with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. We trust our design and stand by our quality.

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