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Our mission is simple: help people travel—comfortably and efficiently—and save money, without the need to check a bag.

In 2014, Canadian airlines followed a troubling global trend by slapping consumers with across-the-board fees on checked-in luggage. This left travelers frustrated and concerned about the rising costs of flying.

In the wake of this, Standard Luggage founder and adventurer Ryan Chong (traveling through the cities and countryside of Southeast Asia) realized that there was a need for better gear. At every hotel, hostel and truck stop, Ryan faced an “exploding duffle” problem. He was frustrated, wasting time organizing and repacking at each spot. Worse still, Ryan realized his gear was becoming uncomfortable to wear, and super expensive to check-in. After returning home, Ryan had a new problem to fix; a new adventure on which to embark on.

The Solution

Pictured Above: Standard’s first backpack prototype, 2015.

Freedom is skipping the lines and avoiding excess baggage fees.

Smart fliers know the best way to fly is carry-on only. Doing so saves consumers $50+ in round-trip-fees, allows them to skip the lines at the airport, and you never risk having luggage lost or stolen. Carry-on flyers travel light, never overpack, and move between checkpoints, vehicles, and hotels free from stress.

When you travel, you want gear that helps and never hinders. That’s why Standard Luggage designed the Ultimate Travel System of backpacks and accessories to help you focus on staying happy and productive on any journey.

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We're tight-knit distributed team working from locations around the world. We’re travelers at heart. And our passion for great work-life adventures makes us sweat the nitty-gritty details, so that you can focus on your goals and getting to where you want to be.

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Our products let you live, work, and travel spontaneously. We make functional, durable, and meticulously-designed gear at a reasonable price. We know our customer is a global citizen, so offer free worldwide shipping, delivered directly to you. We proudly back all of our products with our Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee.

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We are a company born from crowdfunding. In March 2015, we launched our vision on Kickstarter. 

We wouldn’t be here today without the loyal support of our customers. Thank you to the many supporters who have been with us since Day 1.  

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