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Standard Luggage Co.
strives for design and innovation excellence in providing modern, versatile, and durable gear for the global traveler.

About Standard Luggage Co.

We are a Canadian luggage and travel gear company inspired by people who can’t stop moving. As perennial travelers, we understand the challenges of navigating airports, hotels, trains, and security checkpoints. We need reliable and efficient tools that keep us at the top of our game—and we like to look good while we do it. 

Whether you’re a leisure traveler or full-blown digital nomad, you need a versatile carry-all system that adapts to any situation while keeping you organized and productive so you can journey freely and stay happy. 

Based in Toronto, Canada, we’ve spent restless nights and countless miles on the road. Our designs are built on the principle that you can live, work, and move spontaneously. We make products that break the norms. We are modern travelers and digital professionals that sweat the details so you can focus on your worldly goals and the places you want to be.

We are a crowd-funding born company. In March 2015 we launched our campaign on Kickstarter. We want to wish a big thank you to our backers who supported our mission and designs. Bottom line: We couldn't have launched this company without you. 

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