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How to Pack your Personal Item on your next flight

We have recently written about the best budget airlines, but now it’s time to shed some light on other carriers as well. While the carry-on is a must, did you know that most airlines also allow for one additional bag, which is always free of charge? Yep, you’ve read that right, this baggage is otherwise known as a personal item.

How to Pack a Personal Item

Get to know these discount airlines for traveling Europe

Europe is a very interesting continent with a rich history, as it offers an amazing blend of different cultures which make it so vivid. Perhaps the best things is that different nations all jam packed together, and oftentimes, a simple hour-long flight is all it takes to discover the all new world.

Discount Airlines for Europe

Should Digital Nomads be worried about Automation?

Why do people become Digital Nomads? Naturally, there is a flurry of different reasons, but the most common ones include escaping from an environment that makes us uncomfortable, having a desire to travel and see the world while introducing ourselves to different cultures, and so on.

Should Digital Nomads be Worried About Automation

Best Sites to Find Short Term Apartment Rentals

Digital Nomads are constantly on the move, living life “from a suitcase“, and as such, have very specific needs when it comes to housing. Staying in hotels all year long can get pretty expensive, but renting apartments for months at a time isn’t really an option either.

Best Sites to Find Short Term Rentals

How to Stay Fit and Active During Long Term Travel

There are three basic elements which people need to honor in order to remain fit and healthy: sleep well, eat quality food and exercise in moderation. Although it might sound simple, it’s not uncommon for people to drift away from this lifestyle due to a variety of factors.

Stay Fit and Active During Travel

Best Banking Options For Digital Nomads that Do Not Require Residency

full time traveler, one of the worst feelings in the world is having to constantly worry about money. Furthermore, even if you have plenty of funds on your account, it’s still a drag to ask yourself whether or not you’ll be hit with extra fees for using ATMs in foreign countries. From one digital nomad to another, trust me, you’d want to avoid this altogether.

Best Banking Options for Digital Nomads

Best Cell Phone Plans for Digital Nomads

Visiting exotic places across the globe is a dream come true for any true Digital Nomad. Naturally, being a Digital Nomad has a lot of perks, but it also comes with some problems as well. One of the biggest issues with this lifestyle is definitely the feeling of isolation. Fortunately, we live in a digital era, and the Internet is the primary tool for communication these days, but cell phones are a lot more personal, and to be quite honest, a lot more practical as well.

Best Cell Phone Plans for Digital Nomads and Long Term Travellers

Top Productivity Tips for Remote Working

While working at the office might be ideal for many people, we digital nomads are usually pretty restless at heart. If the idea of a 9-to-5 job sounds like a nightmare to you, don’t despair, there is a solution to all of your problems. It is, of course, remote working.

Top Productivity Tips for Remote Working

How to travel by train with a backpack

Trains have been around for ages, any yet, they are still among the most popular ways of transport. Perhaps the reason why this technique hasn’t become obsolete is the fact that it simply continues to evolve. In case you ever visited Japan or Europe, you probably had a chance to check out some of their incredibly fast ’’bullet trains’’, phenomenal sophisticated machines that reach mind-bending speeds.

How to travel by train with a backpack

Top Destinations for Winter Travel Travel 2017

After the holiday season is completed, what’s the best way to start off a New Year? Naturally, by taking a memorable trip to an exciting destination you never visited before. Still, it’s a fact that most people enjoy summertime because of the warm weather, but if you prefer fresh air and picturesque landscapes, nothing beast a winter holiday trip!

St. Petersburg

Top New Years Resolutions for Digital Nomads

New years resolutions are a perfect way for a fresh start. People just love these symbolic milestones as they present a perfect way to start living the dream. However, digital nomads are already known as individuals that aren’t afraid to take a chance and grab life by its horns.

Top New Years Resolutions for Digital Nomads

How to choose the best footwear for travel

When it comes to choosing the perfect footwear for travel, comfort is the most important thing. Sure, you would want to look good at your photos, but if that means you’ll be sore at the end of the day, is it really worth it? Naturally, we aren’t saying that you should pay no attention to style, but don’t go crazy with it.

Best Footwear for Travel

Top Locations for Digital Nomads that Love Music

While some individuals look at music as a fun form of downtime, others simply cannot imagine life without it. In case you live by these sweet notes, but also enjoy life as a Digital Nomad, why not combine the two? It seems like a perfect scenario.

Top Locations For Digital Nomads that Love Music

Why having a laptop pocket in your travel backpack is essential

Any experienced traveler knows that traveling light is the key to a great journey. Carrying a huge luggage around will not only slow you down considerably, it may actually annoy you to the point where it ruins your whole trip. This is especially true if you find yourself on narrow European streets, or cobbled streets in Asia.

Travel with a Travel Backpack with a Laptop Pocket

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