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How to consolidate travel points from multiple loyalty programs

Living the life of a Digital Nomad can get hectic extremely fast, especially if you’re relatively new to the game. Traveling across the globe is very fun, but it can also have a quick impact on your savings, so be careful about your spending habits. Luckily, there are a few ways to profit while flying around the world, most notably through reward points and programs.

Credit Cards

Top Tips for Travelling Lighter

Just finished off your gym session and you feel strong? That’s awesome, but there’s no reason to waste all of that energy by carrying around additional weight.
The similar principle can be used for traveling as well. 
How to Travel Light

Looking to stay in a hostel? Check out these sites to find a place to stay

Are you looking to find a cheap but still comfortable place to stay while you’re doing your traveling? Websites like Airbnb offer plenty of great deals, and there are lots of hotels out there which provide excellent services as well. However, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, we would like to recommend staying in a hostel.

Best Hostel Sites

Know your rights as airline passenger

We are sure you’ve already read a bunch of things about the incident on United Airlines flight, and in order to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, you need to know the regulations at all times. Most travelers believe they know their rights, but the truth is somewhat different. There are plenty of laws in place to protect passengers in the US, but unfortunately, most of them are pretty complicated. Well, in this article, we’ll try our best to narrow it down to basics, while using simple terms that everyone can understand.

Airline Passenger Rights for Travellers

Why Solo Travelling Rocks

Are you lacking fellow companions, but have an itching desire to visit a certain location of your dreams? Have no worries, because sometimes the solution is much simpler than it appears at first sight. If you’re still having problems with seeing a tree from the forest, we’ll give you the answer: you should travel on your own.

The case for solo travel

How to take fantastic travel photography

Traveling across the globe enriches the soul for eternity, but the sad truth is that memories fade over the years. Fortunately, there are several ways to battle the tooth of time. Some individuals turn to writing memoirs, others buy souvenirs to remind them of the special places they visited, but photography may actually be the best way to keep the memories vivid for a long time.

Great Travel Photography

How to Pack your Personal Item on your next flight

We have recently written about the best budget airlines, but now it’s time to shed some light on other carriers as well. While the carry-on is a must, did you know that most airlines also allow for one additional bag, which is always free of charge? Yep, you’ve read that right, this baggage is otherwise known as a personal item.

How to Pack a Personal Item

Get to know these discount airlines for traveling Europe

Europe is a very interesting continent with a rich history, as it offers an amazing blend of different cultures which make it so vivid. Perhaps the best things is that different nations all jam packed together, and oftentimes, a simple hour-long flight is all it takes to discover the all new world.

Discount Airlines for Europe

Should Digital Nomads be worried about Automation?

Why do people become Digital Nomads? Naturally, there is a flurry of different reasons, but the most common ones include escaping from an environment that makes us uncomfortable, having a desire to travel and see the world while introducing ourselves to different cultures, and so on.

Should Digital Nomads be Worried About Automation

Best Sites to Find Short Term Apartment Rentals

Digital Nomads are constantly on the move, living life “from a suitcase“, and as such, have very specific needs when it comes to housing. Staying in hotels all year long can get pretty expensive, but renting apartments for months at a time isn’t really an option either.

Best Sites to Find Short Term Rentals

How to Stay Fit and Active During Long Term Travel

There are three basic elements which people need to honor in order to remain fit and healthy: sleep well, eat quality food and exercise in moderation. Although it might sound simple, it’s not uncommon for people to drift away from this lifestyle due to a variety of factors.

Stay Fit and Active During Travel

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