8 Tips for Choosing The Best Laptop Backpack For Travel

Whether you’re a digital nomad, techie, frequent business traveler, a student studying abroad or a hardcore travel addict, chances are you haul around your laptop wherever you go. If this is the case, your laptop inevitably sees a lot of mishandling- you take it out at the airport security gate, put it back, take it out again in the flight or in the airport lounge to kill time and so on.

Laptop Backpack for Business Travel

Carelessness and improper handling may cause permanent damage to your laptop. The first step to protecting your laptop is buying a quality digital-friendly backpack for your trips. At Standard Luggage, we have put together a list of things for you to consider while choosing a laptop backpack for traveling.

Ditch Laptop Bags and Embrace Backpacks with Laptop Sleeves

High-quality laptop bags are also great if you’re a professional or student who never leaves town. But if you’re constantly traveling and in and out of airports, train stations and bus depots, any extra baggage item you carry with you will be a source of annoyance.

To avoid carrying too many bags, we recommend buying a travel backpack with a detachable laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve will not only protect your laptop but also gives you easy access to the laptop when you’re at airport security.

A Laptop Backpack must be Water-resistant and Easy to Clean

When you travel frequently, you might also encounter rainy weather. Backpacks made of water-resistant materials will protect your laptop and keep it dry in rainy weather. Moreover, an additional detachable laptop sleeve will provide even more protection.

Some travel backpacks also come with waterproof rain covers to keep your valuables and electronics completely dry.

Backpacks with full perimeter zips are in!

Why should you get a backpack with a full perimeter zip that goes all the way around? They are super easy to pack!

Backpacks with full-perimeter zips open from the front and can be packed just like a suitcase. This way, you can carry it like a backpack but pack it like a suitcase.

Traditional backpacks that load from the top are difficult to pack and unpack. To get one thing that is stuck somewhere in the middle or at the bottom, you will have to unpack everything on top of it. This can be highly inconvenient if you’re staying in a hostel or sharing a room with other travelers.

Weigh the pros and cons of internal frame and external frame backpacks

Internal frame backpacks are travel backpacks that have one spacious internal compartment and a couple of external pockets to keep smaller items.

On the other hand, external frame backpacks have a standard-size internal compartment and multiple external pockets to allow for better organization of your belongings.

If you’re a neat freak who likes things segregated and packed separately, external frame backpacks are better for you. External frame backpacks are also designed to carry more weight.

However, internal frame backpacks are more comfortable on your back.

This choice depends entirely on your needs. If you want to carry more and separate your belongings into different compartments, go for an external frame backpack.

Laptop Backpack Must Conform to Airline Regulations

What is the point of having a backpack if you have to check it in at the airport? The best laptop backpacks for travelers are usually designed to be carry-on bags.

Carry-on baggage rules may differ from airline to airline, but the most commonly accepted dimensions are 22 x 14 x 9 inches.

Also, buy a backpack that weighs less than 4 lbs. Anything more than that will limit the number of things you can carry because most airlines also have restrictions on baggage weight. Carry-on bag weight limits are between 15lbs and 22lbs.

If you expect to bring back souvenirs from your trip, your bag should have an expandable zip to increase its storage capacity.

A Good Laptop Backpack Should Have Lockable Zippers

This happened to one of our customers.

“My laptop was recently stolen when I was on an international trip to meet a very important client. I lost a lot of important data and was forced to reschedule the meeting. My boss was furious”.

Now, this nightmare could happen to any of us at any time especially if we’re trying to lug around multiple bags at a time.

To keep your electronics secure while traveling, get a laptop backpack with lockable zippers.

At Standard, our laptop backpack comes with YKK zips, buckles and clips as well as a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. We offer an amazing backpack that will keep your electronics safe all the time.

Your Laptop Backpack Should Ideally Have Concealable Straps

Did you know that some backpacks have concealable straps that allow them to masquerade as suitcases? Great, isn’t it?

If you’re rushing from the airport to a client meeting, you can simply tuck the straps in and make your travel backpack look like a classy suitcase.

A Good Laptop Backpack Must Fit Comfortably and Have Padding

Have you ever had to carry around a saggy bag that didn’t sit right on your back?

Comfort is an important factor to consider while choosing a laptop backpack. Although you may just leave it in your hotel room, lugging around an uncomfortable backpack in a busy airport can drain the life out of you.

Before you buy a backpack, try it to see if it is comfortable. Make sure the straps are designed with abundant breathable padding including the hip belts. Hip belts help distribute weight from the shoulders to the hips making it easier to carry the bag.

 So, you’ve spent a pretty penny on a fancy laptop, isn’t your responsibility to do your very best to protect it? The difference between an expensive repair or replacement can simply come down to the type of bag you carry it in. By choosing specially designed laptop-friendly backpacks for your travels, you can ensure that your laptop is in good hands. Avoid costly mistakes, by investing

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