Standard’s Quality Stands Alone

Standard’s Quality Stands Alone

Standard Luggage Co. is driven by quality. Every aspect of our travel pack, Standard Carry-on, is composed of top-notch materials made by proven brands. Our product is designed to adapt and thrive in any situation—work or play—and to look good while doing it. Here are some of the industry-leading features that define our Carry-on.

1680 Denier Luggage Grade Fabric

The foundation of any universal travel bag is great fabric. Carry-on's heavy duty Denier fabric is durable, water resistant, and made with a sleek finish that cleans easy. Lighter than its 1050 cousin, the 1680 fabric is ideal for travel, commute, and adventure. Invented in World War II to resist debris and cutting, Denier fabric is still the industry standard. And unlike most travel bags that take on a coarse, rough appearance, the Carry-on's elegant fabric is at home in the office and about town.

YKK Coil Zippers

Slate[1] has called YKK’s zippers the best in the world, and for good reason. Making more than 7 billion zippers a year, the Japanese YKK produces almost half of the world’s zippers. YKK is obsessed with quality: nearly every thing that goes into their zippers is secretly made in-house—the machines, polyester, and even the boxes in which the zippers are shipped. One dysfunctional zipper can ruin a bag, not to mention a trip. A lot of other luggage brands are using imitation zippers that don't hold the same quality standards. With our Carry-on, we’ve taken no such risk, so that you rest on the quality of these zippers and travel freely.  

YKK & ITW Buckles and Fasteners

These fasteners are the gold standard in the world backpack market. Coveted for their sense of design and performance, YKK, and ITW buckles, loops, hooks, rings, and other accessories dominate the apparel, military, and athletics industries. In terms of comfort and security, fasteners are as important as any other component of a bag. And of course, our Carry-on' parts are easily replaceable, in the unlikely event that any of your parts should wear out or need to be fixed. These parts are ubiquitous around the world, making them easy to find no matter where you are. 

Concealable Rain Cover

Every Carry-on is equipped with a waterproof rain cover. Whether running between meetings or climbing the Appalachians, you never know when the next storm will hit. Rest assured: with our Carry-on, your documents, electronics, and souvenirs are going to make it home with you. When the weather’s good, tuck the cover in the bag’s pocket to restore its elegant, duffle look.

ITW Safety Whistle

Safety whistles are essential for any traveller, especially if you’re exploring unfamiliar countries or remote areas alone. Firmly secured to your bag, our Carry-on's whistle could save you in tough times.


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