How to Choose a Smart Backpack

We live in a smart world inundated with ingenious smart gadgets that did not exist a couple of decades ago. We have access to smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs and even smart locks! These multi-purpose smart accessories make our lives a whole lot easier. So, is it any wonder that our ordinary backpacks are evolving into smart bags to keep up with modern lifestyles?

Smart Backpack

Whether you are a professional who is constantly on the go or a frequent traveler who travels several times a year, a high-quality smart backpack will take much of the stress out of your travels. If you have been meaning to buy a smart backpack but don’t know how to choose one, read on to see our tips on choosing the best smart backpack for yourself.

Smart Backpacks Come with In-Built USB Ports

Running out of power when you need it most can be frustrating. Imagine being up on the Eiffel tower after waiting in a long line only to realize that your phone has run out of juice! How are you going to capture that beautiful view of Paris?

This is why you absolutely need to ditch your ordinary backpacks and embrace technology! Smart backpacks usually have USB ports that allow you to charge your devices while you’re on the go.

 A backpack with a charging solution will ensure that your devices are charged and that you always stay connected no matter where you go.

Smart Backpacks Should Have Anti-Theft Features

Safety is an important thing to consider when you’re a frequent traveler. If you’re worried about getting your valuable electronic items stolen, you should get a smart backpack with anti-theft features!

Some modern smart backpacks are designed with an anti-theft architecture that hugs the body making it difficult for anyone to access your bag undetected.

In addition, they also come with RFID-secure features that prevent theft of your digital information such as RFID credit cards. Without it, anyone with a scanner can access your card, read its contents and even clone your card.

Also, Anti-theft backpacks have lockable zippers to secure your bag and prevent access to your belongings. You’re probably wondering how that can make a difference.

All bags have zippers but when you have a good quality lockable zipper, a thief will have to spend much more time to open it and wade through your belongings. This means they will most likely be noticed and get caught in the act.

Standard’s smart backpack is crafted with impeccable YKK zips, buckles and snap hooks for durability, dependability and maximum protection.

Laptop pockets are a nice-to-have feature for your smart backpack

For many of you, your laptop plays a crucial role in your ability to earn money. So, you must protect it to the best of your ability.

For people who are always on the move, impact damage to the laptop is a fairly common problem. Instead of carrying a conventional laptop bag and an additional backpack for other belongings, invest in a good daily backpack with a padded laptop pocket.

That way you can protect your laptop and avoid carrying an extra bag.

A good smart backpack must have enough space and extra pockets

A smart backpack must have enough room to carry your essentials when you’re going out of town and not just your laptop.

In addition, look for extra pockets inside to keep documents, notepads, pens, cameras, chargers and other devices when necessary.

It should also have a couple of discreet external pockets for quick-grabs like your phone and keys.

Also, look for a water bottle pocket! Standard’s smart backpack comes with a collapsible water pocket that can be easily concealed when you’re not using it.

Great smart backpacks open from the front and double as a suitcase

The best daily backpacks open from the front like a book. They work well because they let you reach your things easily without unpacking or moving everything else in your bag to get to the items at the bottom.  

Some of the best smart backpacks are front-loading instead of top-loading and come with straps that can be easily tucked away.  This makes it possible to convert them into a suitcase whenever necessary.

Standard's Daily Backpack

Convertible backpacks are both functional, stylish and versatile to fulfill different types of travel requirements and you should definitely invest in one!

If you have to run to a client meeting straight from the airport, the “suitcase” look will help you maintain a professional image too.

Choose a smart backpack of lightweight and water-resistant material

Unpredictable weather is the bane of many travelers. What would you do if you land somewhere on a rainy day without a water-resistant bag? The rain would soak through your things in no time.

Do your research and invest in a water-resistant backpack that will protect your things irrespective of the weather. If your bag is made of water-resistant material, water will roll right off it.

At Standard Luggage, or smart backpack also comes with an extra rain cover to protect your things in extremely wet weather.

Backpack quality is important

Don’t buy a backpack simply because it looks stylish and comes with a low price tag. Durability is crucial for a backpack.  Do we need to tell you the hassles of a ripped bag, broken zippers or straps that give away easily?

Don’t see your backpack as a “use and throw” item. That kind of attitude can be costly in the long run as you will end up spending more money to replace bags of poor quality. Moreover, constantly replacing your bags is also environment-unfriendly.

Try your backpack first

Our shopping habits have changed dramatically over the last decade. Many of us are online shoppers and we buy many things from online retailers instead of brick and mortar stores.

That being said, it may not always be possible to try out things before we buy them. But once you get delivery of your bag, put it to the test! Fill it with things and walk around for some time to see how comfortable it is. If it is not comfortable, return it! 

Unlike shoes, you will not “break into” your bag. So, it is important to get it right. An uncomfortable backpack could chafe your shoulders and cause severe back strain.

In today’s culture, we’re all dependent on our electronic devices. So why not buy a backpack that includes convenient charging ports within its design? Although charging ports are a great addition, comfortable design is just as important. Just remember, the cost is not the only factor when making a backpack purchase.

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