Best Co-working Locations in South America

The way we approach work has changed so dramatically in recent years that co-working spaces now rival offices and even offer a plethora of unique features to all parties interested in using them. It is pretty much a given that any major city has more than a few such locations on offer.

Today, we will be focusing on the best locations for all remote workers who find themselves in South America. We are perfectly aware that this is a huge task, so please don’t be mad at us if we accidentally skip your favorite destination, but feel free to let us know about it in the comment section. Here are some of our ideal cities for digital nomads in South America.

Bogota, Colombia

For a digital nomad who wants to experience a unique mix of modern living, industrial ruggedness and cultural appreciation, Bogota has it all. It’s honestly an intriguing blend of things that should not mix together, but one way or another, it just works.

When it comes to co-working spaces, it’s about as awesome as you might expect. Hundreds of different locations to choose from, with most of them offering all the amenities one might desire, as well as some additional ones that can surprise you, like in-house gyms and fully isolated quiet rooms where you can focus on the job at hand.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The metro area of Buenos Aires is huge, with over 15 000 000 people in it, and millions more visiting it each year. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why it remains one of the top destinations for digital nomads on the entire continent. Compared to some of the other places on this list, Buenos Aires can be quite pricy as well, but it makes up for it with a huge number of amazing co-working spaces.

No matter if you like cozy small spaces or huge offices filled with hundreds of remote workers, the capital of Argentina has something to offer to anyone. Many of these spaces even offer rooms for renting, which can be very convenient for people with strange working hours. So, if you like flexibility, Buenos Aires can be the ideal destination for you.

Montevideo, Uruguay

With almost one-half of Uruguay’s entire population, Montevideo is a capital that is both a cultural and business center worth checking out. Year after year, it ranks among the wealthiest cities in South America, and you can definitely pick up on it after spending a couple of days here. Luckily, the prices of co-working spaces are not that high compared to other places on this list, as they are pretty much the same as Bogota and Buenos Aires on average.

The city is just buzzing with energetic people full of interesting ideas and an unending desire to improve their business. Modern co-working spaces can be found throughout the city, offering everything from modern glass and steel construction to places brimming with old-school charm. If you want to put yourself in the best situation to meet a potential business partner for the future, Montevideo is an option worth considering.

Santiago, Chile

With a huge financial district that houses some of the world’s most famous companies, it’s no wonder why Santiago also draws in thousands of remote workers every year. When you add an incredible old town built largely in the 19th century to that equation, you get an idea of why so many co-working spaces are sprawling here.

Being in a direct path of many major international flight routes also helps. Besides the tallest building in South America, Santiago has many other things that separate it from other members of this list, and that includes the breathtaking green surroundings and mountain tops that are a marvel to look at. If you are searching for a colorful city with gorgeous nature that does not lack any of the modern features, Santiago is the way to go.

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