How Digital Nomads Can Increase Their Productivity with Generative AI and ChatGTP

These days, it seems that everything is geared toward people being as productive as possible, with thousands of apps, podcasts and even an entire section of books dedicated to these purposes. Still, despite these things, it seems that most people still struggle with such a basic concept.

This can be especially true for digital nomads, who love to spend time outdoors and travel all the time. Can the latest developments in artificial intelligence help you to stay on track and complete all of the tasks you set for yourself? In this article, we will try to explain how to use this technology to your benefit.

Use AI carefully

Even though it might seem really handy to just set a task to ChatGPT and let it do the work for you, be careful about the type of information you put out to the world. Besides that, if your livelihood depends on, let’s say writing, in order to save time, you can be tempted to just copy the content directly from an AI-generated text.

While this might work for now, who knows what the future will bring. For example, can you imagine if the software comes out that can precisely determine if the content was generated artificially or not? All of your efforts might disappear in an instant as the website you are working on may be deindexed. This scenario can be pretty much applied to most industries, so be careful what you’re doing.

Use it to boost your creativity

However, the best way in which AI software can boost your productivity is by giving you as many ideas as possible. If you pay attention to it, perhaps it can open up new ideas you never thought about before. Just be careful about your input. For those who work in specific niches, it is necessary to put as much information as possible first in order to get a quality answer back.

Ask AI to provide you with a quick summary

More times than not, we simply do not have the time that’s necessary to fully devote to a certain task and complete it from A to Z. Once this happens, we can take two different paths. We can skip the task altogether and leave it for another time, or we can “hire” someone to provide us with a quick summary with all the important information we should not glance over.

Surprisingly, AI software is pretty great when it comes to this task. Not only that it’s free, but it actually gets the job done. You can use it for documents, but also even for a conversation summary, like let’s say from a podcast, if the sound quality is good. Try it out, you might be surprised with the outcome.

Use AI as your personal assistant

Keeping track of all the important tasks in this hectic world has become practically impossible. Unfortunately, very few people can afford to hire a personal assistant to do this full-time job for us. If you take some time to input as many of your obligations for the week ahead to the set schedule, you should be able to set up important reminders using AI, or even ask it to create a full schedule for you. This can save you a ton of time when it comes to calculating time zone differences, scheduling meetings, and managing appointments more efficiently.

Use it as a language translation software

While it is true that Google Translate and similar programs have vastly improved in the past couple of years, they still lack the ability to create fluent text for you that looks like it was written by a real person. With AI software, you can set up a task with all the important parameters, such as the language in question, tone of voice and writing style, and receive an answer that you’ll actually be able to use without issues.

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