Best Credit Cards for Digital Nomads

Just because you are used to living on the road, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on benefits that come with owning a right credit card. As most nomads go, you will also probably value reward programs that offer free miles, low foreign transaction fees and cash back options.

Well, this might be your lucky day, because we have decided to write down an up-to-date list of the best credit cards any nomad may wish to have. Buckle up because the choices are plentiful and the rewards just keep on coming.

Travel Rewards Credit Card from Bank of America

We have to start by mentioning that this card has no annual fees, which is a welcomed sight for any traveler. What separates it from the rest of the field is the great reward program, offering 5 points for every dollar spent. Not only that, but if you spend more than $1000 in the first three months of owning this card, you will receive 25,000 additional points.

Speaking of those points, let’s also mention that you can spend them on everything ranging from flights, to hotels and even car rentals. Similar to other cards intended for travelers, this one also offers no foreign transaction fees, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy during your trip.

VentureOne from Capital One

What makes this credit card such a popular choice? Well, first of all, it no maintenance fees, which is a great option for those who want to get a card and not worry about sudden expenses. Additionally, it offers no foreign transaction fees, and if you’ve ever used a credit card with bad transaction fee rates, you know why this feature is worth mentioning.

But the benefits don’t stop there. If you spend more than $500 during the first tree month period, you will receive 20,000 bonus mile points. Ultimately, if this did not persuade you, let’s also notice that VentureOne has great travel rewards when it comes to free miles, as well as some really neat discounts on hotels in many popular destinations.

Green Card from American Express

Different to the two previously mentioned options, this card comes with an annual maintenance fee of $150. Now, please, do not let this discourage you, as Green Card has some aces up its sleeve.

It offers reward points for pretty much everything you can think of. If you like eating out in restaurants or even if you prefer takeout, you will receive 3 points for each dollar you spend. The same thing also applies to almost all forms of transit, as well as frequent travel expenses such as hotels, car rentals or even cruises. For all other purchases, you receive 1 point per dollar spent. Finally, if you succeed to spend more than $2,000 during the first 6 months, you will receive additional 45,000 bonus points. Does that sound awesome or what?

Quicksilver Credit Card from Capital One

This is the second time Capital One appears on this list, but it’s for a good reason. Much like the other card from this bank, this one also has no annual fees. However, what is different is the 5% cash back policy on every purchase you make.

Not only that, but if you manage to spend $500 during the first three months of owning this card, you will receive additional $200 of cash bonuses. While you can see that this card is not only intended for frequent travelers, you can realize why nomads might find it so appealing, due to its cash back features.

Reserve Credit Card from Chase Sapphire

While this card costs a lot, with annual fees of $450, what somewhat softens the blow is the $300 you receive through travel credit. Naturally, the list of benefits does not stop there, as this card has no foreign transaction fees and offers many insurance options, such as trip cancelations and emergency transportation.

Furthermore, by spending more than $4,000 during your first 3 months, you unlock additional 50,000 bonus points. For those who are spending more and prefer the security of a premium credit card, this is an option worth considering.

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