Best Backpacks for Women on the Road

All types of women are taking to travel on the road each enjoying their moments in their own imitable style. While some opt for conventional baggage, most of them prefer backpacking.If you are a woman who is planning to be away for months on end with just a backpack as the only constant companion,it is imperative,that this vital piece of luggage lasts you faithfully for the duration of your journey. So how do you decide on this monumental selection? With a little bit of guidance from us, combined with your own marketing skill and inspiration, we can guide you to select the almost perfect backpack for your road travel dreams.

Confirming to airline regulations

If you itinerary involves hopping from place to place by air, then keep the weight of your pack in mind.   Airlines are becoming more and more stringent on what you can carry on board these days. Most of them have set a limit of 7kg for cabin luggage, so the backpack you select should not only be light but  sturdy and comfortable as well.It may not have the heavy padding or extra zippers with pockets, but their structural design will bring the weight down to around 2kg which is ideal for carrying and storage.

Backpacks can be pilfered easily,so it is best to compromise on size and select one which is small and always remains in sight and conforms to the airlines regulations.


Believe it or not, what really determines the size of the backpack you should carry is your body weight.Since you will be toting it most of the time on your long trips, you should aim for a full backpack to weigh around a third of your body weight.This is of course if you are fully fit, else you should go for a full pack weighing a fourth of your body weight.

A backpack which is big and stuffed to the brim, will not only cause a strain on your back it will make the whole job of travelling less fun. This especially so when you have miles to walk looking for the right accommodation.


A good backpack for women should have a hip strap, as the hips bear most of the weight of the body and not your back or shoulders. In addition, the straps should be soft to prevent them from cutting into the armpits. It should be wide and contoured to fit snugly across the back.


Backpacks, especially those used for long treks, should load from the front. This means it can be used like a suitcase, with access to any item at your fingertips. This will allow you to have the stuff you require, without taking everything out of the pack,as the case in traditional packs,which load from the top

Type of frames

Backpacks, either have external or internal frames. While it is up to you to decide which is suitable for you, depending on your fitness level, the external frame packs do not adapt easily on rough trails. They can however carry more weight. Internal frame backpacks, on the other hand, are stabler and fit better to the contours of the back.

Have of an integrated day pack.

Including a detachable day pack added onto the backpack has many benefits. In case your pack becomes overweight over the regulations of the airline, this day pack can be removed.You can then use it as a purse or briefcase, while using the backpack as cabin luggage.

Choice of pockets

Even though the number of pockets in a woman's backpack is a matter of personal choice, the general opinion is that the backpack should have plenty of them.Granted that the pockets are easier to get into by stealers, the convenience afforded by having quick access to the small useful items is valuable.

Cover for the backpack

Choose a backpack with a zippered  waterproof cover.This enables any straps from getting stuck in the overhead cabin or luggage ramps, forcing the handler to damage the backpack.Since without straps, your pack will be of little use, a nice cover will tuck in all the hanging straps and convert the pack into an easy to carry suitcase or shoulder bag. Another important use of the cover is that since everything is hidden, the bag is safe from thieves.


Choose a color that does not show the dirt. At the same time ensure that the pack is not too flashy and in attractive colors to avoid any undesirable attention from thieves. Provide a delicate balance between safety and beauty.

Test check

Once you have arrived at a decision, there are still some things to be checked before you walk out of the shop with your purchase.

Load up the bag as much as you can and walk around the shop as long as you can. Check for points of discomfort or pinching and overall comfort while wearing it. If the straps are not of the right length, get them altered by the salesman before leaving the shop. Buy a few extra straps in case of unforeseen breakdowns, Choose a pack with a mesh on the back to avoid direct contact with the back and saving it from damage due to sweating.

Every woman has her own decision to make, as there are innumerable choices in women's backpack ranges.You may have to try out many of them till you find one that is suitable for you. Just remember not to rush into anything, as this is one part of your equipment that you will be donning most of the time, even if you have to spend that extra buck to acquire it.

Having the right travel backpack will help you overcome the obstacles you are sure to encounter on the roar. Keep in mind that you will be off the beaten path most of the time, and at some places there may be not be a path at all. So sum it all sum all in one simple word: convenience.


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