What to pack for a weekend road trip

Most travelers would love it if they had the chance to go on month-long vacations, but unfortunately, that is not always an option. Still, there are times when even a weekend road trip is more than enough to recharge the batteries and relieve the buildup of stress.

The packing list for this trip should not be too long, but it also needs to contain all of the necessities that might come in handy. If you want to keep your flexibility, while not having to worry about forgetting something, we have you covered. In the article below, we will name all of the essentials you will have to pack ahead of your next trip. Here’s where you can start.

Toiletries and other essentials

People who like to spend their weekend trips mostly on wheels need to find a way to keep their toiletries on hand at all times. That includes some clothes, underwear, a toothbrush, body wash and deodorant. When you aren’t even quite sure where the road is going to take you, relying on yourself for the basic needs is oftentimes your only option.

Gadgets and other tech

We don’t want to speak for everyone, but these days, it’s difficult to imaging a single day without any form of tech. Whether we are speaking about mobile phones, laptops, cameras or other gadgets, one thing is certain, all of these things require energy.

That’s why a reliable power bank needs to be high on the list of priorities for every person who enjoys weekend road trips. A car charger deserves an honorable mention here as well.

Do not forget to bring some cash

While these days a lot of people are moving on from cash, as there are numerous other possibilities for payments, including mobile payments, as well as credit and debit cards, that is not necessarily always a good thing.

There are still a lot of places where cash is king. If you are an adventurous type who likes to jump off the beaten tracks and stick to remote places which only have tiny settlements, be aware that cash might be your only option.

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying that you need to ditch your credit card entirely in favor of cash, but having some paper money on the side is always a good idea.

Sunglasses, a hat, or an umbrella

These three small items should not take up a lot of the space, but depending on the climate you’re about to get into, it is a smart idea to have them on hand at all times. Truth be told, a good travel jacket might eliminate the need for an umbrella, but we’ll leave that choice up to you.

Reusable travel bottle

We have already written about the importance of water bottles for travelers, so you should know by now that this piece of kit is an absolute necessity. Being hydrated will give you plenty of energy to enjoy your trip, and if you choose the correct type of bottle, you’ll able to enjoy your hot or cooled beverages for hours at a time.

Reusable options are also a lot better for the environment compared to single-use bottles. So, if you are the type of person who cares about preserving nature, and we all should be, consider getting one ahead of your next trip.

Some great music to eat up the miles

Last but definitely not least, it’s very important to have a playlist with your favorite artists ready. Whether you are going to listen to the tunes in your car, on the train, through headphones or a Bluetooth speaker, with your favorite songs one click away, the mood is guaranteed to stay at a high level.

In case you choose to stick with audiobooks, that can be a great choice as well, just make sure that your passengers share your interests, or the entire trip can turn into a troublesome experience.

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