What to look for in a travel water bottle

Our planet is going through a tough time dealing with all the plastic waste people create, and the results are quickly starting to show, especially when it comes to climate change.

Most travelers are very well aware of the importance of ecology, and with that in mind, always do their part to keep the plastic waste at a bare minimum. That only presents one of the many reasons why having a travel water bottle by your side is an essential asset, in case you plan going on a trip.

Other reasons include more current-time manners, such as always staying hydrated and healthy at all times. Still, not all water bottles are created the same, as there is more than a handful of features you need to take into consideration before choosing your next model. Here is where you can start.

Mind the materials

The most important feature of a water bottle is the material it’s made out of. The three most common choices are plastic, glass and stainless steel. Each one is characteristic in its own way.

The plastic ones are usually BPA free, but still maintain some features that might not make them the best choice out there. They tend to hold to odors for quite some time, and can be a pain to keep clean.

On the other hand, glass bottles are the better choice when it comes to maintenance, but they aren’t necessarily built for travelers, due to their fragility.

Ultimately, those created out of stainless steel are possibly the best option out there, offering good insulation properties, while still being easy to clean. The only downside is the price, which is usually a bit higher compared to the above mentioned options.

Are any filters included?

It's a sad truth that a lot of places in the world don't even have enough clean water supplies. On those locations, a good filter is a necessity, rather than just a health precaution.

Naturally, we are all used to a certain type of water, and it's a known fact that every country has subtle differences is the level of minerals found in tap water. Some of us don't even notice the differences most of the time, but others are much more prone to immediate reactions, such as stomach pain.

Filters help with maintaining a certain quality of water we are used to, thus eliminating this problem before it even began. It's a tremendous invention that costs close to nothing, but can be of major importance when visiting a foreign country.

What about the insulation?

This feature is especially important for individuals who plan on visiting an area with a warmer climate. Additionally, those who visit colder areas might also be interested. How come? Just think about it. Is there anything better than a hot beverage to warm you up on a winter day, or a cold one to battle the summer heat?

To keep your beverages at just the right temperature, you might want to invest some time into finding a bottle which offers the best insulating properties. There's only one thing to keep in mind here, and it comes to the overall dimensions. You see, the bigger the insulation, the thicker the bottle will be, and that's not a good thing for people traveling with nothing but a backpack by their side.

As usual, finding a middle ground is the best choice. Luckily for us, there are a ton of modern materials that offer a perfect mix of insulating protection, while keeping the weight and size at a bearable level.

Price is king

Ultimately, while the above mentioned features are very important, we understand that it's actually the budget that narrows down the choices considerably for most people. Stainless steel bottles designed specifically for travelers can be awesome, but they tend to be fairly pricey as well, and not everyone is going to be willing to invest their money in such a thing.

With that in mind, the best option for most people would be somewhere in the middle. A bottle that is easy to live with and ticks most of the boxes. Do you have a clear winner in mind?

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