What is a luggage forwarding service, and is it right for me?

As many of the frequent travelers have noticed, airlines have been tightening the regulations for years. Just as it finally seems that we have reached a point where no added fees could be implemented, another thing suddenly comes up. With that in mind, the things that previously seemed like a luxury are now the more affordable option.

A luggage forwarding service is convenient and can alleviate stress. Such a service includes shipping the luggage to your destination, whether it’s a hotel, or an Airbnb spot you just rented. It is a lot easier compared to the traditional option, where people had to carry the luggage all along the way. A person picks up the baggage right at your home, and afterwards they deal with all the logistics. Is this service for you and what are some of the costs you might be looking at if you choose to use it? Let’s find out.

No more worrying about your lost luggage

The worst part of traveling is having to carry huge luggage components with you. Not only that you will feel the effects on your back, but you’ll also lose precious energy that you could’ve spent on sightseeing or some other, fun activity. This is especially true in narrow streets of traditional city quarters, which can be found across Europe and South America.

If you follow us on a regular basis, you know by now that we have a particular fondness towards traveling light. Most luggage forwarding services offer very generous weight brackets, which means that you’ll be able to pack everything you want, and have all of your belongings with you, wherever you go.

Airport fees for large luggage components can be extremely high. In comparison, forwarding service seems like a very affordable option. Additionally, these services can also provide insurance, so you won’t ever have to worry about lost luggage ever again. Furthermore, these services are much safer, compared to checked luggage, which is the reason why so many people traveling for business use it in the first place.

You will be able to save a ton of time in the process

Luggage check-in processes can be such a hassle. Arriving at the airport a couple hours ahead of time and standing in long lines can be eliminated if you’re using luggage forwarding. All you need to do is make sure to pack your bags a few days ahead of time. This is important, as it takes up to a couple of days before your luggage can be processed.

Best of all, this entire process lasts only up to a couple of minutes. After that, you will be able to just show up at the airport about half an hour ahead of your flight, and go to your destination without a care in the world. Trust us, once you try this method of travel, there will be no going back.

You will be able to trace the location of your bag at all times

In case you are sending your valuables, or if you just want to know that location of your bag at all times, this feature might come in handy. Certain airlines are also notorious for their rough handling of luggage, which may damage your treasured belongings. Companies that specialize in luggage forwarding place special focus to this area.

Instead of adding a sticker to your luggage, the bags are secured safely with tight cables and packed away inside a cargo space. Furthermore, while airport workers just toss your bags with no regard, companies in the luggage forwarding industry need to handle it with extreme care. In this way, possibilities of damage are significantly reduced.

In case you run into any issues with the transport of your cargo, you will be able to contact the support staff at any time of day. All in all, it is a much safer and reliable way of dealing with your luggage. Other benefits include the lack of hassle when it comes to check-ins. Ultimately, this service is a good choice for those who love to travel with a heavy luggage. On the other hand, minimalists should probably think twice before deciding to use it for their next trip. Which one of the two groups do you belong to?

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