What are the physiological benefits of travel?

Working around the clock has left you burnt out, and you’re in immediate need of an energy boost? According to many experts, taking a trip somewhere is the best way to relieve all that built up stress.

The Psychological Benefits of Travel

Even if you don’t feel like spending your hard earned cash on a fancy trip, there is a solution. Researches have shown that even a slight change of scenery can do wonders for a person’s mental health. You’re having a hard time believing in these claims? Here are some reasons why you might change your opinion.

It helps you get rid of anxiety

While packing for a trip is a stressful endeavor, and the fear of potentially losing luggage can scare off a lot of individuals, there’s no denying that traveling has an overall positive effect on our nerves.

According to a medical study performed at the State Medical Society of Wisconsin, women who went on vacations at least once a year showed much better results in regards to dealing with anxiety and depression that those who skipped them altogether. Not only that, but these individuals also showed positive signs when it comes to life satisfaction, and they were much happier with their marriage as well. Now, we understand that this research may not be 100% accurate, but then again, who knows?

It boosts creativity

Traveling abroad will instantly make you more creative. Nope, that’s now how it works, unfortunately. In order to meet foreign cultures and customs, one first needs to let down their guard, and that’s not an easy task for a lot of people.

However, if you can find the courage to simply let go and experience life in its purest form, you will be amazed with the outcome. It turns out that one does not have to grow a huge beard and meditate for 20 years before the creative juices start flowing. All joking aside, take a few moments to read through Columbia Business School’s Adam Galinsky’s post, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

You’ll be happier

Without wanting to sound like a mediocre self-help book, but did you ever stop to wonder just how happy you truly are? People get so carried away with their everyday chores and work-related stuff that they rarely think about this problem.

Luckily, there are a few things here and there that can have an immediate impact on our psyche. As you might’ve assumed, traveling is one of the most powerful instant relief solutions. Do you know that lovely feeling of butterflies in your stomach the night before a trip? Sure, you might lose some sleep over it, if you get too excited, but in no way is this a bad thing. It rivals the feeling you get when you buy new shoes or after you visit a hair saloon. Who doesn’t love that?

You’ll become more confident

This is especially true if you travel alone, or with a small group of people you haven’t previously met. Some of us are pretty shy by nature, but stepping out of your comfort zone is important, as it’s been proven to strengthen character.

Where to test this claim better than if a foreign country? What’s the worst thing that can happen? You might meet a friend for life this way, or possibly even fall in love. But first thing’s first, you gotta give yourself a chance.

A little gratitude goes a long way

Thanksgiving isn’t the only time of year when we should realize how fortunate we are. If you are a pessimist at heart, there’s nothing wrong with that, but taking a different approach to life can be beneficial at times.

If you aren’t all that happy with some of the things from your surroundings, perhaps it’s time to turn the page. The nostalgia may come sooner than you could’ve ever imagined when you’re far away from everything you know. At that exact moment will you recognize how blessed you are. Trust me, it already happened to me once or twice.

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