Updated: Best Cities for Digital Nomads 2017 according to NomadList

If you follow this blog on a regular basis, you’d know that we already wrote a list of the most popular cities for digital nomads, but as it turns out, these things change over time, and now, it’s time to revisit this topic.

NomadList has always served as a source of reliable information, and thus, we’ll be using their data as reference points once again. Without further adieu, these are the top 5 most popular trendy destinations for digital nomads in 2017!

  1. Canggu, Bali


Looking for a place with great sandy beaches where you can escape from the everyday stress and relax? Canggu might be your ideal option. This small village has gained huge popularity among digital nomads in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. The weather is excellent, locals are very friendly to foreigners and there’s plenty of fun activities to keep you busy. Oh yeah, it’s also very affordable, and free WiFi is available at many locations. Nightlife is pretty decent, albeit not great, and that’s perhaps the very reason why it holds the no. 5 spot on our list. Still, considering the pace in which this gem is developing, we wouldn’t be surprised if things changed as soon as next year.

  1. Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is one of the most beautiful European cities, know for its great architecture and party-loving people. The food is exquisite, weather is fantastic all year long, and you’ll have more than enough of cafes to work from. To be honest, free WiFi isn’t all that easy to come across, and if you don’t know the Spanish language, you might have some problems with communication, but as far as downsides go, that’s about it. Naturally, because Barselona is such a popular tourist destination, the prices aren’t as affordable as you might expect, so be sure to pack your wallet. In case you’re visiting Europe, Barcelona is a cannot miss destination!

  1. Bangkok, Thailand


This attractive place has ranked near the top for years now, and it seems that the situation won’t be changing anytime soon. There’s plenty of things to like about Bangkok, from costs of living to fun-loving locals and terrific restaurants with exotic foods you should taste. Free WiFi is widely available throughout the city, and Internet speeds are generally at a great level, usually around 40 mbps. Not everything can be ideal, though, and when it comes to Bangkok, it’s definitely the traffic safety that takes the cake. Luckily, the place is known for its walkability, and this is probably the best way to move about. You’ll also exercise along the way, so that’s a plus!

  1. Berlin, Germany


Once digital nomads discovered Berlin, this place simply exploded in popularity. Truth be told, it’s really hard to find a downside to this German paradise. If you love warmer places, the climate could be better, and Internet could be faster, but that’s about it. You’ll have no problems communicating with the locals, who’ll be more than happy to help you with any questions you might have. After a hard day at work, there’s many pubs where you can relax and enjoy in some fine craft beers Germans are known for. After that, hop to a nearby nightclub, and chances are you’ll see beautiful people who aren’t afraid to get silly and have fun. It definitely breaks the stereotypes, that’s for sure.

Moving to Berlin as a digital nomad for a few months can be an awesome experience. Just remember that if you’re hoping to stay in Berlin longer than 3 months, you need to register your address through a process the Germans call Anmeldung. A valid rental agreement is required to complete the Anmeldung process. Don't worry though. Finding rental apartments in Berlin is fairly easy. Au contraire, if you want a “no sweat, no hassle, no paperwork” trip, stay for a maximum of 3 months and venture off to your next digital nomad destination.


  1. Budapest, Hungary


Budapest was oftentimes mentioned as a good digital nomad destination in the past as well, but this year, it holds the top spot! How did it get here? First of all, it offers more than enough places to work from, free WiFi is available virtually everywhere, and the Internet speeds are pretty decent. For such a big place, the air quality is surprisingly great, and the architecture is captivating. Ultimately, it’s a city that’s very different from any other place you’ve ever visited, and nomads certainly appreciate its uniqueness. If you ever visit it, you’re bound to leave as one happy individual. What more could you ask for?

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