Understanding New York's Airports

New York is a state that is home to one of the most famous cities in the world, with millions of visitors that come to enjoy some of its amazing wonders. While most travelers flock to New York City, it’s a fact that the state of New York has so much to offer, from Niagara Falls to stunning lakes and mountains.

In this article, we will try to showcase every available option to travelers who plan to fly to New York, naming both the advantages, as well as some downsides of every airport. We hope that this will help you narrow down your choices ahead of your next trip.

Best options for the New York City

The holy trinity of NYC airports consisting of JFK, La Guardia and Newark is well known around the globe. These three major hubs help transfer millions of people to their desired destinations within the city. While it’s true that things can get pretty hectic around these places, it’s a fact that the organization is only improving with each year.

From a plethora of food options to modern facilities and the ease of use of public transport, you will always feel like you’re being taken care of. Of course, due to the sheer size of the place, the commute to your destination may take some time, but you should probably already come prepared for that outcome if you’re coming to NYC.

Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Known as the busiest airport in New York after the big 3, the Buffalo Niagara Airport is also among the oldest ones in the nation. Tradition aside, this airport still presents a great option for travelers who plan to go to Buffalo, visit Niagara Falls, or perhaps intend to go on a road trip that includes visiting Canada.

Parts of this airport are currently under expansion, meaning that its level of service should only continue to improve in the upcoming years. It’s also good to mention that this airport, due to its location is also somewhat prone to bad weather conditions that can cause delays during the winter months. Be that as it may, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport definitely deserves its mention among the best transport hubs in the state of New York.

Albany International Airport

Located an approximately equal distance away from NYC and Boston, Albany International Airport is a good choice for travelers who want to spend their time between these two cities. Just prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the airport underwent significant upgrades, and it’s just now reaching its full potential.

Not exactly known for its abundance of affordable flight options, the high cost of tickets is something most people point to when it comes to this airport. Additionally, because this airport has a single checkpoint, it is known to be quite crowded during the rush hours. Still, you can always turn to one of many restaurants or coffee shops there which will help you get rid of any unnecessary built-up stress.

Greater Rochester International Airport

While this airport is not great in size, it is well organized, which will allow you to travel without any delays. This is an especially popular airport for college students, due to its proximity to the University of Rochester, but also among those who travel to these areas for business.

On the other hand, some of the downsides include the available number of flights, which is limited as the airport is not large enough to support that many passengers simultaneously. Also, it’s not that close to NYC, which most travelers plan to visit either way.

Syracuse Hancock International Airport

We have already mentioned the potential troubles some travelers might run into when visiting New York during the winter months. With Syracuse Hancock International Airport, this is not a concern. Because the snow is so common in Syracuse, the people in charge are so used to working under these conditions, that flight delays are a rare occurrence.

Similar to other smaller airports, the number of available flights is limited, so if you plan on using it, make sure to book your flight ahead of time.

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