Trends to look for in 2021 for remote working and digital nomads

Prior to 2020, working remotely was a privilege that was pretty much reserved for digital nomads and those who had the aspirations to explore this lifestyle. However, in a blink of an eye, it all changed this past year, as millions of people were forced to work in isolation in order to keep themselves and everyone around them safe.

With the remote working now becoming a norm instead of just a trend, how will this transition play out, and what are some of the changes that the global market will bring to digital nomads in 2021? It is never easy to predict the future, but we will try to look at some current developments, which will give us the best chance to realize what lies ahead. Here’s what we had in mind.

The video conferences are here to stay

In case you don’t feel as comfortable in front of the camera, talking to your team and the board of directors, make sure you work on it, because this tech is now vital. Daily video conferences became a necessity to millions of people around the globe once the travel restrictions began to kick in and they have proven to be quite effective.

A stable internet connection and a laptop with a camera is all the things you need to solve some of the most urgent problems you company has to face. With that in mind, it begs a question, has this completely eliminated the need for in-person meetings? For now, that sure seems to be the case. Ultimately, this presents a big win for digital nomads, who claimed as much all along, but a lot of people were not willing to listen. Is 2021 going to be the year when the nomadic lifestyle will finally prevail?

Efficiency will continue to thrive over the standard 9-to-5 working hours

The race for productivity is what drives our world, and many changes have been made over the years in order to maximize the potential of each worker. This resulted in many companies ditching their ideas of a 9-to-5 working hours and instead focusing on getting the job done. Such a simple idea, it seems, but it takes a lot of confidence to let go of the ropes and have some faith that your employees will always come through, at their own pace.

Well, it finally appears that the companies are willing to pursue this plan of action. By dividing the workload into daily or weekly tasks, they allow the employees to construct their day according to their needs. The company profits, as the job gets done, the employees receive a chance to “be their own boss” and according to many researches, their overall job satisfaction skyrockets as a result. It definitely seems like a win-win situation for both sides.

Better equipment means more work getting done

Digital nomads usually know all too well about the importance of having quality work equipment when working remotely. The sheer fact that when you’re working from home, your IT department is not exactly at an arm’s reach means that you have to make sure that your hardware and software work without at all times.

The more time you spend waiting for your computer to start, the less productive you’re going to be, and that can be a major source of frustration to you and your employers. While some companies take good  care of their worker’s needs when it comes to this sort of thing, others are simply not willing to invest in high-end IT infrastructure. While new equipment is usually not cheap, it is definitely a smart investment and a one that will pay off sooner, rather than later.

A whole lot of free webinars will become available

Working on self-growth, while doing your job is not always easy, but at least it is now easier than ever before. The internet has always been the best place to gather knowledge and work on some new skills that will eventually come in handy, but it has never been this cheap to do so. Sometimes, it can even be completely free.

Sure, you will need to invest some of your time and efforts in order to see it through till the end, but once you eventually get there, you will always have something to show for. Don’t you think that it’s worth it?

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