Trends in Health & Wellness Tourism Happening Now

Wellness tourism is not a thing, right? Well, the numbers behind it certainly tell a different story. This multi-million dollar industry is still constantly growing, but as with every new hot niche, there are many trends that keep rising in popularity.

Health and Wellness

It can be sometimes difficult to stay on top of this game, especially if you’re already busy with other everyday chores, so we decided to round up the most important ones happening right now! Additionally, most of these trends are here to stay for the long term, and if you plan to earn some cash from tourism, you might wanna pay close attention to details. Check it out!

Hotels are welcoming this evolution

In one of our previous posts we discussed in detail how the hotels will have to adapt if they plan on staying relevant, and branching out their services was one of the main points. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that wellness is already considered one of the main focal points.

The best hotels in the worlds have already welcomed the wellness industry years ago, but it seems that the trend is now moving along to those more affordable ones as well. You’d be hard pressed to find a hotel that doesn’t offer some type of free service to their customers these days, and this is a trend we fully appreciate.

Sauna experience is getting insane

You might be surprised to find out that saunas have been around for more than 2,000 years! In western Europe in particular, these things are immensely popular, and the locals cannot imagine life without ’em.

Well, it seems that the rest of the world is taking notice. While you might picture saunas as these tiny rooms where people go strictly for health purposes, it’s noticeable that designs are also improving over time. In all seriousness, these places look more like theatres nowadays compared to the dreary traditional saunas of the past. Expect more great solutions in the upcoming years.

The return to nature

Industrial design and minimalism have taken the leading role in architecture in recent times, but by the looks of things, that’s about to change. This trend is especially noticeable in China, a country known for it’s terrible pollution problems.

However, the architects there are moving away from plastic and metal to more nature-friendly solutions and natural materials. Additionally, they are also trying to provide as much natural lighting as possible, and incorporate plenty of vegetation in order to create a more soothing environment.

Get away from all the noise

Digital era has brought many advantages to humans. Among others, we can now effortlessly communicate over long distances, which then again opened up tons of possibilities for remote work, which is what digital nomads are all about.

When it comes to spas and other wellness retreats, it’s a common behavior for visitors not to produce too much noise, if possible. However, it’s still quite normal to hear phones buzzing all the time, and groups of people clamoring over some small talk. The future will bring a significant change in this pattern of behavior. Modern spas are looking more and like monasteries, where people come to relax in peace and quiet. Let me tell you something, after living in a busy city center for years, this is a change I welcome wholeheartedly.

Feel good in order to look good

The beauty industry is incredibly powerful, and it kept pushing these trends upon us for years. While some of them were understandable, others were downright dangerous and unhealthy. This is not to say that people in the future won’t appreciate looking good, it’s just that the focus is about to change, and you’re witnessing it right now.

You cannot look good unless you feel the same on the inside, and plenty of empowering seminars have reached that same conclusion. Prevention rather than perfection. Do you think it’ll ever be possible?

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