Top Travel Trends to Watch for in 2017

As the year is coming to a close, we all get just a little bit nostalgic for the one that’s in our rear view mirror. Fortunately, these dark thoughts are often blown away with optimism towards success that still awaits us in the upcoming times.

Top Travel Trends to Watch in 2017

Here at Standard Luggage, we promise we’ll do our best to make it the best one yet! Because we know you love to read about traveling, we created this article which focuses on top travel trends to watch for in 2017. Let’s jump right into it.

Road trips will become great again

With life getting more hectic by the minute, people are constantly searching for ways to relax and get away from all that stress. Traveling has always been one of the best ways to do so. Still, lack of time is a serious problem, and tourism has suffered a hit in this area. So, what’s the solution? We believe that road trips will become very popular in 2017 once again.

Europeans have already accepted these 'microadventures' as a perfect way to recharge their batteries in just a day or two. Although it’s not the most affordable way of traveling, we believe that the benefits outweigh the negatives, and that more and more people will soon realize it. Traveling agencies will also have to step their game up and offer more of these fun-packed trips. Cannot wait to see it!

China becomes a popular destination

Digital nomads simply love the mystical Asian culture, and therefore, several countries such as Vietnam and Thailand have become popular tourist destinations. Still, China probably wouldn’t be your first association when mentioning countries known for tourism. Well, we believe that things will change in the near future.

As a nation that invests huge amounts of money into the construction industry, Chinese people have put themselves in a great position. For instance, their theme parks are becoming world-famous, with nearly record-setting attendance from day one. Industry experts even claim that by 2019, their theme parks alone would become a $6 billion industry. Doesn’t that sound insane?

Cuba re-emerges as a force to be reckoned with

For a country that’s so well known for their glorious culture and friendly people, Cuba hasn’t exactly been a popular destination for U.S. tourists. Naturally, the political turmoil turned travelers away from visiting this beautiful country, but things will change in the near future. With the passing of their long time leader Fidel Castro, Cubans will work hard to re-connect with the outside world once again, and in no time, tourists will flock to this paradise on earth. We are already seeing some factors which prove this claim, as the famous website Airbnb now offers bookings from Havana. It’s sure been a long time coming.

The rise of Eco-tourism

As the machines keep getting stronger with each day, planet Earth suffers the consequences. We have all been witnessing all sorts of natural disasters, and unfortunately, thing won’t likely change any time soon. While the planet constantly changes, certain tourist attractions will cease to exist, and that’s the harsh reality. That is the precise reasons why Eco-tourism will become so popular in 2017. Climate changes are definitely real, and the Arctic and Antartic are the first to suffer. How about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia? As individuals become more Eco-aware, these locations will become a must-visit. Do you agree with us on that one?

Technology becomes more important than ever

With a huge number of online booking sites, travel agents have nearly become obsolete. This might seem like a weird concept, but technology might be the thing to bring them back to life. Chances are you’ve probably heard about the Virtual Reality headsets. Although this might sound like some weird gadget from the future to some, the fact is that this technology is already present, and travel agents should jump on the chance to use it.

Watching brochures can be tedious, but with a help of VR, travelers can be transported to their destination in seconds. Wouldn’t this be the ideal way to discover your ideal destination? We’ll let you be the judge.

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