Top Conferences for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

The number of individuals working from home increases by the day, as more and more companies are starting to reap the benefits of having remote workers. Digital nomads are the ones who are profiting the most from this craze, as they have become free to roam the planet in order to satisfy their thirst for traveling.

Top Conferences for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

Still, there a couple of drawbacks to this lifestyle, and one of the major ones includes lack of connection with co-workers. While traveling is a fantastic way to connect with your inner needs, it also separates you from people working in your field of work, and that’s oftentimes the best way to improve yourself on a professional level. Is there a solution on the horizon? Sure, and it comes in the form of conferences which track the latest trends in business and will always keep you up to date. Here are some of the best ones out there.

World of Business Ideas

Being successful in business doesn’t have to subtract you from your humanity. Regular people tend to look at millionaires as a special selected group of individuals, but the fact is, most of them started off with nothing more than a good idea and a dream. The World of Business Ideas is the ideal conference to restore your motivation and provide you with the energy to keep on pushing forward.

Do names like Richard Branson, Ken Robison or Rachel Botsman sound familiar? These fun loving millionaires will share their thoughts with you, which can be an ideal road to success. The upcoming events include places all around the globe, from Bogota to Sidney and Milano. In case you’re looking for fresh ideas to restart your business or you simply want to watch moguls at work, we would definitely recommend this amazing event.

Collision Conference

Behind this interesting name we find one of the best conferences currently out there. It offers an exquisite blend of creative minds in fields from tech to enterpreneurship and marketing. With all those witty individuals around, it’s also a terrific place to rub elbows with co-workers you haven’t seen in a while and it possibly gives you a great platform to share ideas for new projects.

After all of that networking, the hosts always have a lot of interesting events and parties planned out so everyone can relax for a second and enjoy in a more casual surroundings. Either way, New Orleans still remains a great place to get tips straight from tech leaders. Who knows, it might come in handy some day.

Social Media Week

We live in a time dominated by social media, and the sad truth is, you either get with the program, or you’ll get left behind. This platform truly transcends all areas of business, and thus, this conference is the bomb for all digital nomads out there. The best thing about it is that it’s a global conversation, as these events are held at 2,500+ places around the world.

Social media is constantly evolving as well, and it’s important to stay informed as much as possible. This conference gives you a terrific place to do so, while also allowing you to connect to different organizations which might be important in your future endeavors.

Web Summit

As if Digital Nomads really needed a reason to visit Lisbon, Portugal; but let’s pretend nonetheless. All joking aside, Web Summit is one of the fastest growing international conferences in the world, with over 60,000 attendants every year. Although it’s relatively young, originating from 2010, this event can easily rank among the best technology conferences on Earth.

Besides technology, there’s also a lot of talks about startups, arts and culture in general. From young CEOs to experienced investors, and even world leaders in business, this is a place to be seen. If all else fails, take a stroll down the gorgeous cobbled streets of Lisbon, and life wouldn’t be so bad. Work and pleasure at the same spot? Where do I sign in?

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