Top African Cities for Digital Nomads

Becoming a Digital Nomad is all about the ability to travel the world and meet people from across the globe. Still, some destinations are more popular than others, and when it comes to comes to continents, Africa is nowhere near the top. Why is that? Well, it is hard to find a direct answer to that question, but the most probable one is because the people are often misinformed. However, we will try to spread the word here, and showcase some of the best African cities that Digital Nomads might enjoy.


This list is full of hidden gems you have to visit during your lifetime. Trust me it will be the best decision you ever made. So, enough with the talking, let’s get down to business.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town

The combination of sunny beaches, friendly people and gorgeous mountains make Cape Town a can’t miss destination. On top of that, they have one of the best public transportation systems in whole of Africa, and you'll feel safe at all times, as long as you stick to town center. The costs of living are also not too bad, but don’t expect to save a ton of money in the bank. Still, you will have plenty of things to enjoy while there, and that’s all that counts.

  1. Agadir, Morocco


Agadir is one of the most urban cities in Morocco, and as such, it has plenty to offer. What lead to this urbanization was a huge earthquake that happened in 1960, where a lot of buildings were completely ruined. Still, the local didn’t quit, and on those foundations, they created this amazing place. One of the main reasons for its popularity lies in the excellent climate the city is blessed with, and the beautiful beaches surrounding it. Even though it is a place full of tourists, the costs of living are incredibly low, so you will most definitely get a bang for your buck. The downside is that even if it is a good tourist destination, it doesn’t offer wild nightlife you might be used to. In case you are a party animal, consider yourself warned.

  1. Casablanca, Morocco


Once again we turn to Morocco, and this time, we have Casablanca capturing the number 3 spot on our list. Not only that this is the largest and most economically important city in Morocco, it is in fact one of the biggest cities in the whole continent. It is no wonder why this is the case, as this place dates back to the seventh century BC. Today, it is filled with skyscrapers everywhere you look, attracting business people from around the world. Costs of living aren’t too bad, considering the opportunities Casablanca provides to young business oriented people from across the globe. Note that the climate is very hot, so don't say we didn't warn you.

  1. Dakar, Senegal


What we said about Casablanca is terms of climate, stands here as well. However, if heat is not a huge problem for you, Dakar is one of the best destinations available. Costs of living are dirt cheap, and with this place, the fun never stops. The reason why it is so different than the rest of African cities is the abundance of restaurants which offer some great food and the fun loving attitude of the locals. Still, we have to be fair and mention that in recent years, this isn’t the safest place in the world. Too bad, it was a hidden gem for sure.

  1. Taghazout, Morocco


A small fishing place as our number 1? We wouldn’t have it any other way. But wait, what does this town have to offer that some of the previous cities never could? For starters, some of the best looking beaches you will see in your lifetime. It doesn’t offer the most lavish night clubs out there, but if you come here to party all night long, you miss the whole point of this place. When it comes to getaway destinations that are stress free, there are only a few cities that can match what Taghazout has to offer. That is why it is our champion!

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