Tips for minimizing your carbon footprint when traveling

The news of catastrophic events caused by the imminent climate changes is seemingly taking over the news every other day. While the major corporations share much of the responsibility for these developments, it is also a fact that we can all do our part when it comes to saving the planet.

Traveling allows us to meet different cultures and connect to the world in a new way, but it also raises some issues, such as increasing our carbon footprint. What are some of the ways in which you can minimize your carbon footprint while sticking to your desired lifestyle? Read more about it in the article below.

Try using trains instead of planes for short trips

This might sound a bit too naive, but the numbers tell the truth. For example, during a short trip that lasts for about 200 miles, planes emit over 100lbs of CO2 per passenger. On the other end of the spectrum, we have trains that lower the CO2 output to just a quarter of that number. Even if the math is not 100% correct here, it’s not difficult to notice the difference.

Naturally, taking a train is not always a viable solution, but if you’re visiting countries such as Japan, China or many European nations, this might actually be a very exciting and entertaining experience in itself.

Take a minimalist approach to travel

We truly believe that traveling light offers many benefits. Among other things, it can significantly lower your carbon footprint. How is that possible? Well, the lighter your luggage is, the less fuel will be necessary to keep the airplane in the air. But this surely cannot be that important?

Once again, let’s look at one basic example. Let’s say that you remove some weight of your luggage once you switch to a carry-on. The longer your flight duration is, the more “savings” you will be able to accumulate, or in simple terms, the less fuel will be necessary to keep the plane in the air. If just one person can make this significant difference, can you imagine just how much this would add up if we all took similar measures?

Be mindful about your use of electric energy

Have you ever noticed that some of your behaviors change while traveling? Although most people are very much aware of the consumption of electricity in their own homes, that’s not always the case for individuals who are renting a property or staying in a hotel.

Opening the windows on a sunny day while the air conditioning is still running wastes a lot of energy, and the same can be said for cold days when the heater is on. We understand that thinking about these things is not the primary goal during vacation time, but if you just try to be mindful of your energy expenditure for a few days, you can make a difference.

Use public transportation or simply walk

Finding ways to minimize your carbon footprint while traveling to your destination of choice is one thing, but what you do once you eventually get there is a whole chapter entirely. If you consider yourself an active person, renting a bike or simply walking everywhere present great choices that can drastically reduce your energy consumption.

However, even those people who are not interested in remaining active can still provide a contribution by using public transportation whenever possible, instead of taking a rent-a-car. Not only that these actions will reduce your carbon footprint, but they will also give you a chance to chat with the locals and get connected to their way of life more easily.

Eat locally-made produce

Much to the same topic, travelers who want to experience a truly immersive experience in their destination of choice tend to be more open when it comes to trying local cuisine. It turns out that this choice may also reduce your carbon footprint significantly, as locally-produced food is not shipped over long distances, which means that fewer resources were used during its transportation from the field to your plate. Not to mention the fact that it will probably taste a lot better as well.

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