Things You Can Skip In A City Abroad

When you go to a foreign place, you don't want to have to worry the whole time about expenses. While it's true that traveling can take a toll on your budget, it shouldn't have to be as exorbitant as some always seem to expect.

Things to Skip When Travelling

A lot of this just comes down to strategic planning and smart budgeting. But within those processes, you can also ensure that expenses aren't a major concern simply by cutting out unnecessary activities - particularly where urban travel is concerned. And with the pro tips we're about to provide, you'll be on your way to a cheaper getaway in no time. Here are things you can definitely skip on your trip abroad to help you save money without enjoying your time any less.

Car Services

In a foreign city, you'll have to find a way to get around to see all the spectacular sights and attractions that are undoubtedly on your list. But don't fall for the expensive car services that your hotel may offer - or even the local taxi services, for that matter. The prices for these options are typically outrageous, so rather than overpay (or waste time trying to figure out if you're being swindled given the exchange rate), you might consider learning to use the local public transit instead. In major cities, tram and subway networks usually aren't hard to decipher, especially if you spend a little time with a map, or even if there's an app that can help with directions. Another option, where it's available, is to try Uber or Lyft, though these will still be more expensive than a bus or train. Give the public transportation system a try; granted, it's better in some places than others, but more often than not you'll find you get around just as quickly and save money in the process.

Bus Tours

It's hard to get to all the places you want to go without a fixed itinerary. Bus tours can often help with this, allowing you to see many of a city's important sights and landmarks in a matter of hours, often with an informative guide along for the ride. But these tours are also hard on the wallet. You can opt to skip the bus tour (or any guided tour, really) and skip the expense, too, when you go for self-guided options instead. Many cities have recommended walking tours you can lead yourself on, with helpful maps available at tourism centers, in your hotel lobby, or even online. These are free, get you some exercise, and offer a slower pace that you'll love, because you can take in more of the city you're visiting (not to mention spend more time on your own priorities!).


When you're in a foreign city, it's a decent bet (no pun intended) that it will be promoting a local casino as one of the top nightlife options. But if you can look past the glitz and glam, you might recall that such places rarely make it onto objective visitors' (or locals') guides to the best ways to enjoy a city - unless we're talking about a true casino hub like Las Vegas. Furthermore, these days, endless games on British platforms, bonus-heavy digital casinos in Canada, and similar options have made virtually all casino activity available on the internet - which makes spending hours on live games a bit unnecessary when you could be exploring a whole city. Take this suggestion on a case-by-case basis, because there are a few casinos here and there that offer unique experiences. But generally you can skip this nightlife option, save a good chunk of cash in the process, and find a better way to spend your evenings.

Hotel Bars

It's true that if you happen to be staying in a nice hotel (an option always worth exploring in city travel), you'll likely walk past the hotel bar every day and think it's swanky and stylish. Sometimes, as with the occasional casino, these bars really are special places, and you'll see them recommended as top options in a given city. But usually it's better to avoid the hotel bar in favor of a neighborhood pub where they charge less for a drink and offer authentic local charm. If you want something a little fancier, you can always find a classy wine or cocktail bar out and about that will offer the atmosphere you want, and still at a cheaper price than the hotel lobby option. For all the dreams you can realize in foreign cities, losing money needlessly is not on the list! Choose to avoid these pricey options, and you'll have a bit more in your budget to spend on the activities, attractions, and even souvenirs you really want to enjoy.

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