The Friendliest Countries on the Planet to Visit

Gorgeous architecture and warm climate aren’t the only factors which make a country a fantastic tourist destination. Friendly locals also play a huge role here, as they can make you feel less homesick and boost your morale.


If you live in a city where you don’t even know your first neighbors, you will be positively shocked by the experiences from these wonderful places. In the article below, you will find out what are the world’s friendliest destinations. Let’s jump right into it.


This country has become known as the Digital Nomad’s paradise. Not only that it has the beautiful nature scenery, and that it’s very pocket friendly, the locals also have a reputation for being terrific hosts who go out of their ways to please foreigners. Most Nomads visit Thailand as a stop destination, but spend their livelihood here dazzled by this country’s charm. Phuket constantly ranks near the very top of the world’s friendliest cities, and it’s no wonder why. What a wonderful nation!

New Zealand

After the famous tourist destination, we switch lanes completely, jumping to one of the Planet’s most interesting countries, which just happens to be very far away. Perhaps that’s the very reason why the Kiwis were able to keep their tradition going strong all these years. In case you watched the Lord of the Rings movies, you are completely aware of the insane wild nature New Zealand possesses, but that’s not the only impressive thing about this country. Locals are known as party maniacs and adrenaline junkies, who simply cannot get enough of adventures. Trust me, even if you consider yourself to be more of a couch potato, living in this outlandish country will make you experience life to the fullest. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


Known best for their gorgeous monasteries and temples, this mountainous country is home to some of the world’s most hospitable individuals you’ll ever gonna find. Don’t be taken aback by their quiet nature; the locals will always greet you with a friendly smile. One detail which also separates Nepal from the rest is the extremely low crime rate. Several influential studies have even claimed Nepal to be the friendliest country in the world.


How can a country known for making the biggest festival on the planet not make an entrance on the list? Despite the crime rate, which is unfortunately pretty high, Brazil still ranks near the very top of the list. Fabulous beaches and gorgeous women are a welcomed sight as well. Still, it’s amazing to see just how happy the locals are, as they are never afraid to bust a huge sincere smile. Trust me, it’s practically contagious.


Morocco is a country popular for being an exotic destination, with wonderful wildlife and amazing culture. This nation has a rich history, but nowadays, this place is very vivid, as the mixture of different cultures definitely makes it very unique. The locals accept tourists as one of their own, oftentimes introducing them with their whole family, and exchanging stories over the cup of their world famous mint tea.


Although Europeans aren’t necessarily known for being terribly friendly, Scottish people beg to differ. Some of the world’s best comedians come from here, and after you spend a few hours in one of the local pubs, you’ll quickly understand why.

Their heavy accents and love for banter come to surface in no time. Most important of all, they don’t take it personally, as it’s all in the name of good fun. Furthermore, the Scots also produce some of the finest whiskey you’re ever gonna taste. Doesn’t that sound like good enough of a reason to visit this majestic location?


When speaking about the friendliest countries in the world, how can we forget about our northern neighbors. Canadians are known for being very kind and well-spoken in every situation. This has become so apparent that comedians around the world are roasting them for being overly-polite. All joking aside, but if you’re tired of dealing with your noisy neighbors all the time, visit Canada and put your mind at ease.

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