The best compact camera equipment for your next trip

With the development of smartphone cameras and apps that add all sorts of awesome filters to our captures, it’s no wonder why the digital camera marketplace took a big hit in recent years. Naturally, the high end products are still going as strong as ever, but the low budget options had practically vanished at one point.

Best Compact Camera Gear

Not to be outdueled, the camera manufacturers started adding all sorts of interesting features to the low-end products as well, and thus, options such as DSLR and high-quality lenses started migrating to the more compact camera versions. Digital nomads loved this trend, as they always find themselves limited by space, so these little gadgets came as a blessing. Besides the camera itself, equipment also plays a huge role in the picture quality. Here are the ones you should pay attention to in 2018!


No matter how good your camera is, only when you add a decent lens to the equation, things become interesting. Depending on your camera, there are multiple options to choose from, but in general, most lenses will improve the depth of field, provide better low light capability, or will do wonders with your wide angle shots.

Still, we won’t leave you without a recommendation, and my choice would come down to Canon 50mm f1.8. This aperture is ideal for your low-light shots, and it offers a terrific value in return. If you consider yourself an adventurer, and you’re fond of long hikes in the nature, this lens can help you capture some great memories.


Do you have shaky hands? You know what, the answer doesn’t really matter, as you’ll be better off with a tripod either way. Some travelers think of tripods as these cumbersome gadgets that don’t really serve a purpose in real life conditions.

Obviously, any photography enthusiast will know that this statement is completely false! With so many specially designed travel tripods on the market, you won’t have any troubles with finding the one that fits your needs. A tripod will allow you to experiment more, and improve your skills on the go. This will become evident when it comes to your night shots, and especially if you pair it with a decent lens, like the one mentioned above.

LED light

When it comes to LED lights, eBay is your best friend. For only a couple bucks, you can choose between many different options, so pick the one of your liking. Most of these models run on 6AA batteries, and they are designed not to take up too much space.

In case you’re traveling with a tripod, make sure that the light you choose is compatible with it. A lot of amateur photographers neglect the importance of LED light, but it can bring the picture quality to another level, especially if you find yourself in a really dark area, such as the forest.

Memory cards

In this day and age, memory cards are considered a necessity. Luckily, the prices have come down substantially, and you can now get a decent card for only $30. Particular brands don’t really matter here, just try to get the Class 10 ones, as they are much faster compared to the older models.

Video microphone

All vloggers and Youtube enthusiasts will agree that the quality of sound is essential to any video of high production value. Unfortunately, most compact cameras aren’t really ideal for this job, but there’s a simple solution to this problem: get yourself a nice video microphone.

The best thing about having a microphone is that you’ll notice the difference immediately, no matter how skilled you are. Furthermore, they are very cheap, at least when it comes to some beginner models, and this investment shouldn't set you back a ton. I would advise you to take it one step at a time, and not invest big in a microphone right off the bat, as you’ll probably need some time to get used to using this equipment. Still, if you love capturing videos, this is definitely an investment worth considering.

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