The benefits of maintaining a journal for travel

Here's a little secret I am willing to share with you. I used to think that writing a travel journal is completely pointless. It just seemed like a complete waste of time. Instead of spending time writing everything down, wouldn't you want to live the life to the fullest and create new memories as you go?


Still, some time ago, one of my friends convinced me to try to write a travel journal for my two-day trip, and I agreed. Ultimately, what I had to lose? Much to my surprise, the words just seemed to appear out of nowhere, and before I knew it, I was hooked on this new habit. You might laugh at this idea at first, and did I as well, but trust me, you'll change your opinion in a hurry. Allow me to explain why you need to start writing a travel journal, today!

It gives you a chance to enjoy the journey

If I had to point out one mistake that most people make while traveling, it's that they all seem to be in such a rush. Ultimately, that is somewhat understandable, as we are all bound by time, but every once in a while, take a moment to slow down and enjoy the view.

A journal will be a great tool to teach you how to do it, as it will give you plenty of time to reflect on the interesting people you've met and locations you've visited, thus virtually slowing down time.

It will boost your creativity

Writing is one of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing. As time goes on, you will improve your vocabulary, and learn how to write in a more concise manner. Not only that, but your command of the language will greatly improve, and you will become more eloquent in everyday life as well.

Who knows, writing might even inspire you to pick up another hobby, such as drawing, or playing a musical instrument. The more things you know, the more interesting person you become.

It will give you something to do while stuck on a long flight

Visiting remote destinations is every traveler's dream, but an ugly truth is often hidden behind it – it usually takes a whole lot of time to get there. Seriously, if you are a hyperactive person like myself, all of the movies and music in the world won't be enough to keep your mind occupied.

However, I know about one thing that will, writing a travel journal. You don't even have to visit a place in order to start. Just write about your expectations and dreams of cities you'd like to visit, and plan your schedule ahead of time. Not only that it will make the time pass by really fast, it will also be a great time saver for when you eventually reach your destination. Naturally, when returning home, it will give you plenty of time to reflect on your journey, so make sure not to miss a single detail.

It's the best personal souvenir one can have

Memories fade over time. That's why a lot of travelers devote a lot of their time to photography, in at attempt to capture the moment forever.

In my opinion, writing is even better at this. Not only that you'll be able to describe in detail the things you've seen, but you'll write down how you've felt during that time as well. No photograph can provide such information.

Self discovery

Take a moment and read through your travel diary every now and again. You might be surprised by some of the information you might find there. Perhaps you aren't fully aware that you like to travel solo, but hey, it sure seems like you had a ton of fun when you've done it in the past. Furthermore, you might realize that you really love visiting places with colder climates, and it will motivate you to do the same thing again soon.

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