The attitudes toward remote working are changing. Here's what to expect soon...

Digital nomads love working remotely, right? In most people’s eyes, that pretty much comes with the territory and they take it as a given. The coronavirus forced millions of employees around the globe to abandon their offices and that played right into the nomads’ hands. Well, that is for the most part, but there are always tons of exceptions that confirm the rule.

Some of us still feel best when surrounded by other hard working professionals, eager to tackle the next task. The only difference is, we like to do it in a remote location, from a co-working space of our choice. Still, most of those spaces had to be shut down.

Because of that, even we had to adapt to the changes on the go. However, the business world will never stop, and judging by the latest news, it doesn’t even matter whether you are a fan of the remote work or not, you are gonna have to embrace it. Here is why.

Remote working is becoming a regular feature

While some companies always had this option available to their employees, it was still mostly frowned upon, or looked at as the last resort. Why? The old-school of thinking prevailed, claiming that an employee will never be able to maintain the productivity when not under the watchful eye of the boss.

Unfortunately for those people, the results of remote working teams speak for themselves. The productivity skyrocketed, the employees are happy with the freedom they have, and most importantly, companies are now spending their resources at an all-time low. This forced corporations to finally open their eyes and as a result, companies like Microsoft are now turning to remote work as a regular feature for the future as well.

People are more inclined to start their own businesses

Perhaps this came as a surprise, because it was previously believed that in times of great changes, people are more willing to hold on to the things they recognize than venture out into the unknown. However, now more than ever, it seems that the trust in corporations has hit an all-time low. While the businesses tried to keep a positive outlook on the situation, thousands of people still lost their jobs. Due to these events, many entrepreneurs are now starting to realize that it could be the best time to open their own personal business.

Additionally, working remotely is somewhat alienating the workers from their employers and giving them a new perspective on the things truly important in life. Like spending time with family, traveling, or making a career path for themselves. All things not possible when being trapped all day long behind a desk at a major corporation that does not care much for their workers.

At times when great remote working teams are taking over the entire industries, it seems that digital nomads are being placed in an ideal position to reap the rewards of their hard work. Taking this initiative has never been easy, as it comes with many risks, but the fact that we are living in a digital world will certainly make that transition seem a lot easier.

Governments are incentivizing companies to hire remote workforce

This very notion would be pretty much unthinkable just a couple years ago, but the times are changing. The outbreak of coronavirus brought misery and devastation to many, but even in times like these, there is always some positive news that comes about.

Perhaps the most affected were the small businesses, and governments around the planet are starting to put plans into action in order to help their local industries. Now that many businesses simply are not able to provide sufficient health protection to their employees, hiring a remote workforce might be the next best thing.

In that way, the health risks are lowered to a minimum, but that is not the only advantage. With no more commuting and no need for huge offices, the ecological benefits are tremendous. In the future, going green will become the number one priority, and remote working is going hand-in-hand with that direction.

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