Stranded somewhere? Here's how to get a Visa Extension!

For those of us who consider ourselves digital nomads, visa rules and regulations can present a big challenge. It is such a shame when you have to pack your suitcase and head out of the country you’re just starting to enjoy in, but that’s how it has to be done. Still, you can always apply for an extension and hope for the best.

However, there is also a different problem that many people are facing these days due to the Corona virus outbreak. What happens when your visa runs out but you have no way of returning home, because all the borders are shut down and the allowed 90 days start running out? Find out in the article below.

Is it even possible to get a visa extension?

First of all, let’s get one thing clear. It is, and always was, possible to get an extension of the visa, even in the countries that follow the Schengen rules. Forums are oftentimes full of posts declaring how this cannot be done, which is quite untrue. What is true is the fact that this is not an easy task.

If you believe that it would be sufficient to simply apply for a visa extension with no reason behind it, think again. No matter how fond you feel of the country you’re in, that will never be enough in itself. You have to come up with a strong reason why you should receive such a privilege and create a detailed application. Only once you do this it becomes possible to hope for the best.

When is the best time to apply for an extension?

Correct timing is of absolute importance here. In case you want to extend your visa, you have to apply before your current one expires! Countries are very strict about these rules, and in case that they catch you when your visa is expired, you will be forced to an immediate deportation.

No matter how big your reason to stay is, it will not help you. Either way, do not wait to submit your application until the very last moment. Look to submit an application at least 10 days before your visa expires. This should give you enough time to prepare for the outcome, no matter if it gets decided in your favor or not.

Here are some of the best reasons to apply for an extension

  1. Late entries give you the best chance

The easiest way to describe this is by giving an example. In case that your visa has started on December 1st, but you entered the country on December 15th, you have a period of two weeks that you didn’t use, so you automatically qualify for the late entry. Because you didn’t use up all of the days you had a right to, most countries will not have a problem with extending you allowed stay by the allotted time, rounding up to the usual 90 days.

  1. Unforeseeable circumstances may also extend your stay

Once again, here is something that’s in the news right now. As you probably know, due to the Corona virus outbreak, many countries have shut down their borders. This left a lot of tourists and nomads stranded at their destination, with no way to leave the country. In these circumstances, or in similar cases such as war conflicts, climate changes that prevent travel or political instability in the country, your stay can be extended for a certain period of time. This can last anywhere for a couple of days to even a few months in extreme cases.

  1. Personal reasons that don’t fall under the above mentioned categories

The general rule of thumb is that various personal reasons are usually the last thing you can count on. This counts for all of the actions that might be important to you, for which you would need to stay in the country. So, if you plan to attend a big ceremony, if you have some unfinished business conferences to attend or if you want to stay for various humanitarian reasons, you can apply for a visa extension based on these needs. We wish you the best of luck!

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