Why Solo Travelling Rocks

Are you lacking fellow companions, but have an itching desire to visit a certain location of your dreams? Have no worries, because sometimes the solution is much simpler than it appears at first sight. If you’re still having problems with seeing a tree from the forest, we’ll give you the answer: you should travel on your own.

The case for solo travel

Sure, traveling solo comes with a certain set of challenges, especially for shy individuals, but it can also be very rewarding. Don’t believe us? We dedicated the article below towards finding reasons which might make you change your mind. Care to take a peak?

You’ll avoid the headache of planning

One of the main reasons why people have troubles with traveling as a part of a group is the simple fact that they cannot connect their schedules. Due to modern, fast pace of living, it’s no wonder why that’s the case. However, if you’re traveling solo, the only person that matters is you. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

You’ll finally visit your dream destination

Because every individual is different, we all have our own set of needs and desires, and sometimes, our wishes can go in a totally opposite direction from everyone we know. What do elderly people say they regret the most? Not taking chances. Travel the world why you still can, and don’t rely on other factors as much, especially ones not as meaningful al the lack of a travel companion.

Welcome the flexibility

While the first two paragraphs were more intended to convince you to take a chance, this one will explain why solo travelling can be beneficial once you’re already there. Not all of us like to get up early in the morning, or party during the night until we can stand no more. Sure, the society might call you a grumpy cat or whatever, but remember, the only person that matters is you. Solo travelling allows you to set your own pace, and experience things on a level which suits you the most.

Similarly, if you don’t have a ton of money at the moment, you can spend it at your own pace, which be challenging when you’re traveling with a bunch of friends who constantly want to dine out and sit in cafes. At the end of the day, isn’t traveling cool because you get to experience new cultures, and not sit around at Starbucks all the time?

Meet new friends

Want to expand your closest circle? Traveling gives you a great opportunity to do so in a natural way. This is especially true if you’re traveling to a foreign country where people usually choose to stick closely together. Another benefit of solo travelling is that it’s much easier to meet new friends, and forge bonds that might last a lifetime. Compared to traveling as a part of a group, it just makes things so much easier, as it eliminates the awkward part of connecting all the personalities in one place, which rarely works out either way.

It will improve your confidence

Being shy is nothing terrible, but having a good dose of self-confidence is always good. If traveling solo sounds like a huge obstacle at first, take baby steps, and go on a shorter field trip first. After you have your first positive experience, you might actually surprise yourself. Going to a foreign country on your own may sound like a tremendous task, but it might be the life-altering experience you’ve been missing all these years.

Live without filters

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we all change around friends and family. Sometimes, this is completely subliminal and we fail to even notice as much, but it’s hard to avoid it. You might fail to realize it at first, but you’ll eventually get a chance to see the new surroundings without distractions and filters, and dedicate your time entirely towards things that interest you the most. Believe me, it will be a world of difference.

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