Top Productivity Tips for Remote Working

While working at the office might be ideal for many people, we digital nomads are usually pretty restless at heart. If the idea of a 9-to-5 job sounds like a nightmare to you, don’t despair, there is a solution to all of your problems. It is, of course, remote working.

Top Productivity Tips for Remote Working

Although this is a relatively new concept, it’s catching on quite fast. Believe it or not, it was proven in practice that working from the office doesn’t necessarily provide the best results. Furthermore, companies that are looking to cut down on costs often love these type of workers, as it is much cheaper overall to hire this type of personnel. However, remote workers often find this lifestyle quite challenging. The article you’re about to check out has some of the best tips which will raise your productivity levels in no time. Give it a shot, you will be amazed with the results.

Get isolated

Having friends and family nearby is great, but it can also be extremely distracting. For me personally, even loud music from a downstairs coffee shop presents a huge problem. However, we understand that not all individuals can afford a separate room to be transformed into an office, but even then there are some remedies which will help. Buying a cozy pair of noise-canceling headphones is only a small investment, but in the long run, the effects can be astonishing. Also, try developing certain routines and boundaries when it comes to working hours. Set your phone away, turn the TV off and focus on the job at hand. The results will come sooner than you think.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Working remotely for the first time can be extremely intimidating. Even if you’ve done your homework and prepared for a long time, testing the unknown waters for the first time carries a lot of hidden obstacles. Still, the worst thing you can do is to give up. Know that life is never gonna be a smooth sailing, but after a while, when all the pieces come together, previous problems will seem like child’s play.

In my personal experience, having a friend who was going through the same ordeal can be of major help. Even if you work in completely different lines of business, remote workers often share similar problems, but it’s always easier to conquer them together. Don’t get me wrong, don’t bug them for every little thing, but sometimes, a useful tip is worth more than anything.

Force yourself to leave the couch!

After you find a couple of regular clients, and the money flow becomes steady, some unexpected problems may kick in. Sure, going through traffic on a rainy day can be such a drag, but at least you can share your troubles with colleagues after you reach the office. Remote workers don’t have that luxury. The feelings of loneliness and nostalgia can especially kick in with digital nomads, as they are miles away from home and family.

While these problems might seem complicated to deal with, why not avoid them altogether? If you make a daily schedule ahead of time, you will eventually be left with a lot of free time. Don’t spend it on the couch still surfing the web, join the local gym and hit the weights, or go for a hike outdoors. Physical activity is an excellent way to avoid anxiety before it even starts to manifest. Don’t daydream, live your dreams!

Tools of the Trade

Try using productivity tools and apps to keep the job going forward. For example, conferencing via video chat apps with the office or potential customers can make your life much easier - and can avoid possible communication problems.

Find the time to relax

Traveling the world is awesome, and so is physical exercise, but when you combine the two along with a stressful job, it may become too much. What I do to avoid the burnout is take one day off during the week, and focus on myself entirely. Even if it means working long hours the day before, having one full day to relax truly means a lot! Give yourself time to catch up with old friends, watch a marathon of your favorite show or devour delicious food until your belt is about to burst!

As the late and great Craig Sager famously said, „Time is simply how you live your life“! Live your life to the fullest, and start doing so today!

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