New for 2018: Get to Know These Discount Airlines

Several companies have been putting the stranglehold on the airline industry for years now, but it appears that the situation is about to change drastically. Ryanair was steady at the top for the longest time, but as it happens, even the giants make errors, and one mistake by one, this behemoth began to slip. I’m sure that you’re also already familiar with the United Airlines blunders, and the fact that even British Airways encountered a lot of trouble when their computers started crashing.

Discount Airlines in 2018

By all accounts, it appears that this year will finally be the turning point, as some major players showed up on the world stage, looking to shake up the known order completely. Will that happen anytime soon? Only time will tell, but all the signs point in that direction, and the passengers are thrilled to reap the possible discounts this turmoil will bring. Still, let’s take a minute to meet these new big players.

Air Italy

Despite being no more than a few months old, this carrier is already the strongest contender to take the number 1 spot in Italy. I guess this should come as no shock, as Alitalia has been struggling for years, and that the company previously known as Meridiana is now a part of, you guessed it, Air Italy. Still, what makes Air Italy such a good prospect? Well, for starters, it’s backed up by Qatar Airways! This means that Air Italy will soon get access to 787 Dreamliners, and with that, passengers will get a chance to board on international flights, starting from Milan all the way up to Miami and New York.


One way tickets over the Atlantic for just $99, is this a dream? Nope, the new Danish/Latvian airline is making it into reality. Still, if you planned to quickly jump on board, know that you’ll have to wait your turn, as all of these flights were sold out on a moment’s notice. With Airbus A321 airplanes, known for their narrow, aerodynamic body, the company is able to save a ton of money on fuel costs alone, and thus, offer cheaper tickets to its customers. Naturally, the range is not exactly top-notch, as Primera only offers flights from the East Coast to London or Paris for now, but let’s hope that will change in the future.


While Joon technically launched last year, the company just recently started working full capacity, so I guess we can let it slide on the list. The Air France’s sister company does not yet offer flights from Europe to the U.S., but it offers some tremendous deals within the continent. For now, Seychelles is the longest destination company has to offer. So, what makes Joon stand out from most other budget airlines? It would definitely have to be the level of luxury. Among other things, passengers will get to enjoy in things such as craft beers, modern in-flight entertainment, and very modern cabin interior.

Japan Airlines

This airline is so new that it hasn’t even received a name yet! Still, Japan Airlines’ chairman Junko Okawa released a statement claiming that it’s just a matter of time before the new discount airline starts operating. To start, just two Boing 787-8 planes will be bought, but as time goes on, the fleet will expand. This new airline is expected to start working full force before 2020, just in time for the Olympic Games Japan will be hosting, as the traffic is bound to increase during this colossal event.

French Bee

To round up the list, we’ll mention another French company which showcases a lot of promise. Don’t worry, this is not yet another old airline disguised as a new one. In fact, French Bee has a fleet consisting of brand new Airbus A350 airplanes, a real sight for sore eyes. Besides the discounted flights this carrier is known for, there’s also a premium service, for those willing to spend a few extra bucks. For now, the company offers flights from San Francisco to France or French Polynesia, but there are plans to further conquer the U.S. market. Let’s see what the future will bring!

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