Looking Ahead: will countries require proof of vaccination for entry?

The need for travel is essential to millions of people around the globe. While some do it because of work, others consider is as an integral part of their lifestyle. Sadly, due to the unforeseen circumstances that occurred because of the COVID-19, we all had to give up on our plans and adjust to the terrifying uncertainty that each new day brought.

Fortunately, the situation is now finally starting to improve with the invention of Pfizer's vaccine. During testing, this medication proved to be effective in 90% of all cases, which is a welcomed sign. However, what does this mean for the future? Will it be necessary to provide proof of vaccination when crossing the borders in the future? That’s what we’re about to investigate.

Are we finally getting closer to returning to normal?

Before 2020, who could’ve imagined that a global pandemic will come and that we simply won’t be able to deal with it? The year is nearly over, and a vaccine is just now becoming a reality. Still, many people have lost faith in modern medicine, but could we really blame them for it?

As of right now, the information is that vaccination is not going to be mandatory. However, those who receive it are probably going to see some benefits from it, especially when it comes to international travel. Thus far, there is not a single nation that requires a proof of vaccination for entry, but it’s not difficult to predict that it might become a reality sooner rather than later. One thing is for sure, we are in a dire need for a permanent solution that will give us some desperately needed closure.

Immunity passports might make things a whole lot easier

One way to keep track of who received a vaccine and who didn’t is through the use of immunity passports. While many people opposed this idea at the start, with the virus still going rampant months after the initial discovery, it becomes apparent that a quick fix such as a sudden lockdown simply is not enough to make things right.

If this new vaccine proves to be as safe as claimed by the experts, those who receive it could be privileged to immunity passports that would allow them to quickly cross the border, without a need for tests or additional medical checkups.

In a sense, a proof of vaccination might become a necessity for those who travel a lot for business, as all other solutions will lead to lost time and profits. Naturally, governments will have to deal with establishing a proper order of vaccination. People who fall under the high-risk categories as well as health workers will probably get a chance to be the first in line, while all others, including the digital nomads will have to wait their turn. Still, that is probably a much better solution than having to go through regular checkups every time you try to cross the border, would you agree?

Travel agencies will become more flexible than ever

With the way things are going, who knows how much time is going to take before everything returns back to normal. Due to that reason, travel agencies have to adapt to the new conditions as much as possible. This means that the travel arrangements will have to become a lot more flexible.

Until recently, most agencies had limited cancelation time policies, but right now, almost all are having to make the transition to complete flexibility, as the market demands have vastly changed. Across the board, the prices have already come down, but this is especially noticeable in destinations that were devastated by the virus the most, such as many countries in Europe.

Does this mean that Europe is going to become the number one destination for all travelers from around the world once everything eventually blows over? We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, all we can do is stay at home and try to be safe.

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