Know these trip planning sites for your next vacation

Plenty of people are dying for the weekend, but when it finally arrives, they have no decisive plan of action, and as a consequence, spend the entire time at home instead. You’d be surprised to find out just how many of your friends are constantly struggling with these issues. In case you’ve ever found yourself in a similar position, know that there is no reason to panic. You can always turn to our trusted ally, the internet.

In these times, there is a ton of websites that can help you plan your next vacation in detail, before you even get there. So, in case you’re one of those people who like to have everything mapped out ahead of time, take a few moments to check out the full list of websites where you can do so in the best way possible. It will only take a couple minutes of your time, but it can be the difference between the best vacation ever, and a rather boring one at best. Don’t risk it and check it out today.

Trip Advisor

How could we even begin this list, without mentioning the most popular website for travelers, that’s been around for quite some time. It’s not easy to stay on top of the game for several years, but the success that the guys from trip advisor have had is telling you a lot about the quality of this website. In case you’re having some second thoughts about your potential destination, and you want to go into the tiniest of details, this is the place for you. Find out what are the best beaches, restaurants and hidden gems that you simply have to check out through the experiences of people who’ve already been there. There’s nothing like a little friendly advice to get you going in the right direction.


Yes, we know that you must have heard of Wikipedia before, and we are perfectly aware that you noticed the similarities in the names. That’s for a good reason, though. Just like Wikipedia is the home to all the information you’re ever going to need, Wikitravel is a go-to destination for, well, travelers.

Besides offering a ton of information on most of the popular travel destinations from across the globe, Wikitravel is special due to its clear and clever design. Forget about those complicated websites that will take hours of your life. With Wikitravel, you’ll find everything you need in no more than 20 minutes. Remember, time is money after all.

Lonely Planet

Sure, all websites claim that unlike the rest, they are the ones that provide their readers with a different content. In the case of those that are inclined for travelers, the main goal is to shed light on the roads less traveled, or the locations that aren’t occupied by tourists 24/7.

In my experience, perhaps the one that stands out the most in that area is the Lonely Planet. That also includes the car and hotel rentals, travel insurances and the rest of the deals that make the complete package.


In case you’re no stranger to finding the cheapest flights available, you must have heard of a website called Kiwi by now. This awesome site collects the search results from other popular search engines, combining them into one neat bundle of useful information.

Your only job is to pick the date that works for you, and you’ll be able to see the best option, as well as the most affordable one. Naturally, the first mentioned choice takes you to your desired destination in the shortest time possible, but the most affordable options are mentioned as well. Still, if you pick that plan, prepare to travel for quite some time, and change a lot of flights while you’re there.


The question of accommodation should not be an issue with this website at your disposal. The name itself is rather explanatory, so we don’t have to dig deep in order to explain the thought behind it. Let’s just say that unlike other apps that deal with the same theme, offers the most options and covers the most locations across the globe. Even if you aren’t used to using hotels during your travels, make sure you bookmark this website, because it might come in handy eventually.

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