Know these budget airlines offering discount flights to Europe

Any budget traveler knows all too well about the importance of finding a reliable low-cost airline. In some previous years, there hasn’t been a ton of good deals for passengers traveling from US to Europe, but it seems that things have changed in 2017.

Cheap Flights to Europe

If you always wanted to visit this charming continent, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money doing so, this is your time to shine. In the article below, we found the most affordable airlines right now, and some of these flights are absurdly cheap. Trust me, you’d want to check it out!

Norwegian Air Shuttle

This terrific budget airline offers flights across Europe, but for now, they only fly from 13 major US cities. What separates them from the competition is the high quality of their aircrafts, as they sport new Dreamliner planes. That's not the whole story, though. Even more impressive is the fact that they allow passengers for one carry-on bag, as well as a personal item, albeit both of these items have a specific weight limit. However, with some great deals, such as the $99 flight from New York to Ireland, they are certainly making some waves in the industry. In the realm of low-budget flights, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Wow Air

Many websites call Wow Air the best option for travelers wanting to cross the ocean for cheap, and there are a couple of reasons for that claim. They offer very regular flights, with the most popular one being the Boston to London for $99. Similar to the previously mentioned airline, Wow Air also flies from 13 major US cities, but all of their flights have one thing in common. All of them include layovers in Reykjavik, Iceland. Let’s also mention that passengers are only allowed to carry a backpack, so make sure to pack light. Still, with a very well-trained crew, Wow Air always scores great numbers in customer satisfaction. You cannot say that for many budget airlines.


Despite being new to the game, this carrier is quickly climbing up the ranks. They are based in Spain, so it’s very understandable that their best offer includes a flight from San Francisko or Los Angeles, with the final destination being the lovely city of Barcelona. So far, their offers are very limited, as they only fly a couple times a month, but the potential for future success is certainly there. The current price tag of $442 from Oakland to Barcelona might sound high to some people, but we dare you to find a better deal than that. Still nothing? That’s what we thought.

Primera Air

Unlike the previous three airlines, this one is yet to start taking flights across the Atlantic, but it’s going to happen soon enough. Their first flights will take place in the spring of 2018, with some great promotional prices, including a couple of $99 seats for one-way trips. If you don’t mind planning ahead, this could be your chance to travel the world for dirt cheap. The only requirement is to be based in Boston or New York, and you could be looking at some potentially terrific deals. Scandinavian carriers have provided a decent track record so far so there’s no reason why the situation would change anytime soon.


Last but not least, let’s also not forget to mention the only German carrier from this list. They are called Eurowings, and they are currently offering flights from 5 major US cities, but the destinations are set in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. While their flights are not particularly cheap, they offer some great services that they are known for. What’s more, while you’ll have to choose between those three countries mentioned above, Eurowings is known for offering affordable flights within Europe. If you like adventure, and you have the time to explore this beautiful continent, this might be the right airline for you. Good luck!

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