How to Foster Your Travel Blog Storytelling During Crisis Times

The COVID-19 pandemic took us all by surprise. And, while we were confused and fairly lost at the beginning, we’re slowly adapting to this new situation. We can say without hesitation that this crisis hit all the industries and segments of our lives. But, the travel industry has truly suffered a huge blow. People stopped traveling, borders are closed, flights are being canceled, and it all impacts your travel blog.

Blog Story Telling

How can you write about traveling when nobody can travel? What are you going to cover if you can't go anywhere? Don't worry, there's still a way for you to keep your travel blog alive, even during a crisis. Below, you'll find tips on how to do it.

Let’s take a closer look.

  • Turn to Local Traveling

  • OK, so you had to cancel your trip to Barcelona that you wanted to blog about for the next three weeks. You’re not the only one.

    That means that people will want to learn about different alternatives they have and get some advice on how to still have a good time.

    And, while international travel is paused for a while, you can still travel locally. Cover domestic travel topics and teach people how to:

    • explore their own city
    • take local tours 
    • travel their country

    Find the best places that are available for you to visit and go for it. Share this story with your audience and inspire them to do the same thing.

    Local travel is flourishing and proving that you don’t have to travel for miles to have a great time.

  • Share Your Personal Story

  • The crisis impacted everyone, and people are interested in hearing how others are coping. This gives you a chance to write your personal story and maintain the connection you have with your audience.

    You can turn the story of how you’re dealing with the crisis into:

    • inspirational posts
    • motivational posts
    • post with tips & tricks for others

    You can give your followers the support, positivity, and hope they need to get through this crisis and start feeling better about the situation they’re in.

  • Get in Touch With Locals From Your Former Trips

  • As a true travel blogger, you must've made some connections with different people from all around the world. You could use these connections and friendships to keep your blog alive.

    Get in touch with people from different countries and ask them to be guests on your travel blog. Together, you could discuss:

    • the situation in their country
    • the local places they’re visiting
    • their personal stories and what they miss the most
    • their travel plans for when the crisis is over

    A friend from Italy could tell you about the way they're coping with the crisis while someone else from Holland could share their local travel stories.

    This is a great way for you to keep your travel blog going and share stories from around the world even though you can’t travel anywhere.

  • Do Some Throwback Posts

  • Repurposing your old blog posts is another option you should consider. Naturally, everything would seem different from the perspective of a person who currently cannot travel.

    You could do all kinds of throwbacks to your former content sharing it with some comments from your new perspective:

    • your favorite destinations from last year
    • your travel year recapitulated
    • your best memories from a certain country you visited

    Some nostalgia never hurt anybody, and your readers will enjoy the content they may have missed before.

  • Make Plans For The Future

  • We all need to believe that sooner or later, this crisis will go away, and we’ll be able to travel and enjoy our lives again.

    This is why doing posts about your future plans might be a great idea for you to engage with your readers again and give them a dash of hope that they need.

    Create posts such as:

    • your travel plans the moment the crisis is over
    • your travel bucket list for next year
    • your expectations and hopes about the end of the crisis

    You can even talk about the countries that have reopened and are accepting visitors again. 

    Make sure you give these posts an optimistic tone and allow your readers to relax and enjoy fantasizing with you about the better times that are ahead of us all.

  • Ask Your Readers’ Impressions

  • Your readers are a huge part of who you are and what your blog is. This is why it would be a great idea to include them in your blogging during times of crisis.

    You could ask them to share their stories with you. You could then gather them all in several blog posts and share their stories on your blog.

    Ask them about:

    • their future plans
    • their last trip before the crisis
    • how much they miss traveling and why
    • their current state of mind
    • their experience with flying during the crisis 

    These posts will bring you all closer together and help you strengthen the community of readers that you’ve been building over the years.

    Make sure you maintain the quality of your posts even when sharing other people’s stories. A writing service that provides help with essay writing could give you a hand while you can use Pexels or Canva to make these posts more visually appealing.   

    Final Thoughts

    Fostering your travel blog during crisis times is challenging but exciting. It’s an opportunity for you to step up and show just how great of a travel blogger you are.

    Use the tips we’ve shared above and make sure your travel blog continues to strive even during times of crisis.

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