How to Choose a Travel Blazer

When most people mention the words "digital nomad", the first thing that comes to mind is a person working on a laptop near a beach. However, this is nothing more than a generalization. The thing that nomads truly appreciate more than anything is practicality. In this sense, they are quite similar to any other casual traveler.

With business-minded individuals, traveling light and keeping the ability to look professional is pretty important. Because of that, travel blazers have remained very popular over the years, and now, with the development of new fabrics, the market is flooded with dozens of different models. Today, we will help you to decide which option would fit you the most. Here are some things to look out for when selecting your next travel blazer.

Pay attention to the quality of fabrics

While most “common” clothes are usually made from cotton, that’s usually not the case when it comes to travel blazers. Because these things are designed to withstand the life on the road, they are usually made from a blend of fabrics, or in some cases, merino wool.

The truth is that travel blazers can be a bit more expensive when compared to regular blazers, but there are a couple of good reasons behind it. First of all, they have to be wrinkle-resistant, as most travelers are constantly on the move. More importantly, they have to be comfortable at all times as well. Finally, as most travel blazers can be used in placed with various climates, it’s considered a big plus if they also offer some water-resistance, which makes them highly practical as well. It’s not easy to put all of those features together in only one blazer, but that’s what makes these things so valuable to travelers and those who consider themselves as true digital nomads.

A good blazer will fit you like a glove

There is nothing worse than a blazer where sleeves are a bit too long or shoulders too tight. You probably know about that look, where it almost appears as if the person borrowed a blazer from someone else. However, the great thing about travel blazers is that problem is usually nonexistent, as they tend to be stretchy just enough in all the right places.

 This makes them a lot more comfortable compared to traditional blazers, as they do not cause any restrictions of movement. Additionally, just because travel blazers are stretchy, they also need to be resistant to overstretching, which will ensure that they will look good even after extended use for a couple of years.

Travel blazers are easy to pack

As with most travel clothes, the ability to be easily packed ranks pretty high on the list of demands. Unlike the traditional blazers, those intended for travelers tend to be significantly lighter, which bodes well for those who are traveling with nothing more than a carry-on bag.

Being that these blazers are not prone to wrinkling, they do not require huge amounts of luggage space and can be jammed in a tight bad in a matter of minutes, if the travelers find themselves in a hurry. You cannot say that about many traditional blazers.

Would you like an elegant or a sports model?

The days of huge baggy blazers are long gone, and in recent years, slim fit models have taken the lion share of the market. However, not all slim fit models are created the same. Some appeal to a younger audience with their flamboyant colors and sports style, while others aim for the minimalist approach, designed for classy people of all ages.

Which style you prefer the most is all up to you, but be careful with what you choose, as a good travel blazer can last you a number of years and never go out of style. If your aim is to travel in style, our advice would be to start looking at blazers right away.

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