How donating frequent flier miles or travel points can help someone in need

Donating always makes two people happy; the one who receives the gift, but especially the other who makes a selfless act to improve someone’s day. It is especially important to give help to those in needs during the difficult times, and you have to admit that the year behind us put the entire humanity to the highest test.

Fortunately, plenty of people around the globe were more than prepared to step up and make the world a better place for someone else. Because of that, millions of travelers around the globe have turned to donating their frequent flier miles. There are a lot of programs that allow the travelers to do such a thing, and in this article, we will take a look at all the options one might have. Here’s where you can start.

Support veterans through Miles for Our Heroes program

Honoring the people who were ready to sacrifice their lives in order to keep us safe should always be our top priority. That is why we feel obliged to mention the American Airlines AAdvantage loyalty program, which includes the Miles for Our Heroes charity.

Through this program, you are able to help the war veterans, but you also provide contributions to the members of their family. You don’t need to have thousands of miles to make a difference either. In fact, those who have less than 1,000 miles in their reward program can donate all of the miles from their account with no restrictions.

Make-A-Wish Foundation allows you to change the children’s lives for the better

If you are looking for a place to start, you can’t make a mistake with Make-A-Wish Foundation. This charity is directed towards granting wishes to children who are suffering from critical illnesses. A few things in life can make such a positive difference to your life, such as putting a smile on children’s faces.

This noble program has the ability to reach children from every continent. No matter how big or complicated the child’s wish can be, there are thousands of volunteers and millions of supporters from all areas of the globe that are doing their best to make it come through. Since it was founded in 1980, this organization just continues to grow, and we have no doubt that it will only reach more and more children in the years ahead.

Join the largest platform and donate your miles with JustGiving

With more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations aboard, JustGiving is currently one of the biggest charity movements in the world. In order to join their cause, you first need to set up an account and link your reward program. While it may sound complicated to some, it is worth mentioning that this entire process lasts no more than a couple of minutes.

Depending on your reward program, the value of your points may vary, but every cent that goes towards a good cause counts. While this platform works mostly with cash donations, the option to donate frequent flier miles and convert them to money is a welcomed sight.

Connect people to their loved ones through Miles4Migrants

Among various non-profit organizations, Miles4Migrants stands out due to the unique nature of the cause they are fighting for. Established in 2016, this organization has thus far helped over 2,500 people join their families, whether it comes to asylum seekers, refugees or migrants.

The organization supports donations from 10 different frequent flyer reward programs thus far. They even went one step further, pledging to match any donation being made by the general public. If you decide to donate miles to their cause, you will in turn receive a photo and some basic information about the person who received your donation, including their story and why your contribution means so much to them. It is also possible to choose a cause you would like to donate the most, and they will make sure that your miles go to those in need. A truly wonderful idea put into life by a team of hard-working individuals.

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