How Digital Nomads are embracing #Vanlife for Freedom and Mobility

A grueling life on the wheels isn’t for everybody, but we digital nomads are a curious bunch who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and pursue new things. Perhaps that’s why it shouldn’t be all that surprising that more and more people around the world are now embracing vanlife as their primary lifestyle.

Indeed, in today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to escape from the overbearing technology, so life on the road looked like mission impossible up until recently. However, with the development of online networking, this is no longer an issue, as evidenced by the huge influx of new vanlife supporters. What are the advantages to this lifestyle, and is it made to suit your needs? Find out in the article below!

Stock up on batteries and other essentials

While vans can be pretty modern these days, you still need to stock up ahead of your trip, because you never know where the road might take you. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, with a tight deadline on your hands, and a nearly dead battery on your laptop.

To avoid that, most vanlife supporters buy a lot of solar panels, which are not inexpensive, but can be a lifesaver in a tight spot. Furthermore, besides the panels, we would also say that getting a decent-sized battery is a must for any experienced traveler. With no juice, all your gadgets tend to be pretty useless.

Constantly hopping from one place to another may also lead to a poor diet and nutrition, so make sure to bring at least some fine organic food on your journey. Just be careful, as these things can go bad in a matter of days, so always try to buy as much local produce as you can.

Park your home wherever you like

With nothing other than the amount of gas in your tank to limit you, feel free to roam the planet for as long as you like. Even better, if you fall in love with any destination, you can just choose a neat parking spot, and remain there for quite some time. For many, that is the number one advantage when it comes to vanlife.

No more need for huge campervans

In previous years, vanlife was strictly related to huge campervans which were pretty good when it comes to practicality, but had a huge price and were a pain to live with. Nowadays, people are transitioning to smaller vans, and tend to rely on the locals way more. Directory sites like VanList are there to help people find the right van builder to fabricate their dream camper. 

The roads are getting more congested with each day, so it should come as no shock that smaller vans are quickly becoming the major force on the market.

Explore the lesser known places  

Forge your own path, far from the known roads that most tourists take. If your four-wheeler is powerful enough, and you’re equipped for the trip, there’s nothing wrong with ditching the map and just going with the flow. Can you truly claim that you saw the local way of life if you only stay on the main roads 100% of the time? Not really.

Drive together with your friends

Can you think back of the times when you were just a beginner driver, rolling in packs with a bunch of your friends, and no particular plan regarding the destination? Chances are that you did it just for the fun of it. What’s really changed now that you’ve grown up? Other than a few gray hairs, chances are that you’re still that young person, looking for fun on every corner.

Imagine reliving the past, but this time, in a country you’re just visiting now for the first time? Being away from home definitely adds a certain level of excitement that’s easily noticeable. Additionally, it goes without saying that life on the road can be a bit lonesome at times, but with a few friends by your side, things always appear to be just that tad bit better.

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