How cleanliness is transforming the hospitality sector

When things are going the right way, it is amazing how complacent we can all become. Just think back to when you were a kid. Would you really ever clean your room if your mom hadn’t insisted on it previously? Even upon reaching the adulthood, many people still fail to understand the importance of hygiene and its influence on the overall health.

With the Coronavirus still fresh in our memory, it appears that things are just now starting to return to normal. Tourism is one of the industries that suffered the most during these rough times. Will the hospitality sector be able to survive and how will the entire situation affect it? Let’s find out.

Health regulations are becoming more important than ever

No matter how you look at it, there were several factors that always determined the potential for success with hotels and other types of accommodation. For example, location always played a key role for the customers, which is perfectly understandable. After that, things like the quality of service, ratings and comfort came into play.

Nowadays, there is an important factor which was oftentimes previously neglected. We are talking about the host’s ability to provide adept conditions that allow for social distancing. That means that in the upcoming months, most hosts will be looking for ways to avoid the long check-in lines, limit the interaction between visitors to an extent and work on making it seem natural and unforced. It is quite a task, but we are about to find out what it will feel like.

Spacing people out is the safest in the big accommodations

In some previous years, micro hotels have become more and more popular, but due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this entire branch might be in a lot of trouble. Minimalist accommodation, that relies on the maximum use of available space usually bundles guests close to each others, which eliminates the possibilities for social distancing. Shared spaces are now considered a potential health risk, and constant cleansing and disinfection can only help up to a certain point.

Big hotels are now going the extra mile, providing face masks for each visitor and doing their best to keep everyone as safe as possible. Hand sanitizers and wet wipes are also becoming a must. Hotels that have restaurants included within the facilities are probably gonna have to space out the tables to an appropriate distance. While this will undoubtedly lower the number of available seats, the hotel staff will place a special focus on delivering room service at discounted prices or free of charge, just so that the guests will be able to relax in peace and quiet they get to expect.

How will the World Health Organization standards affect the season?

Although some of these prognoses might seem gloomy and desperate, they most definitely present a real possibility. Sure, in many parts of the world, the virus has somewhat passed its peak point, but we wouldn’t want to celebrate too soon, as the situation might suddenly change. Travelers are mostly puzzled by the new circumstances, as they are torn between the desire to explore the unknown and stay home close to safety.

It is up to the hosts and hotels to figure out the best way to lower the potential risks as much as possible. In the early stages, there were some news that we would be forced to stay in cubicles at the beach, and even that we would be allowed to be on the beach for up to two hours at a time. Fortunately, these rough conditions were never going to last for long, and the situation quickly changed for the better.

A certain dose of caution is still recommended, as some experts claim that a second wave of the virus might be coming soon. Cleanliness is our best ally in the fight against this unfortunate disease that took so many lives. The hospitality sector is expected to lead the charge in these efforts and show us how to behave in the upcoming months.

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