Gift Ideas for the Traveler in your life

There’s not a single kid in the world who doesn’t love to receive gifts. However, as we grow older, we also find happiness in giving, especially if the presents are dedicated to a special person in our lives.

Gift Ideas

Digital nomads oftentimes embrace the minimalist lifestyle, and it can be a difficult task to buy them a present they’ll truly adore, but we found a couple of terrific ideas they are bound to appreciate. Check them out!

Inflatable pillow

In all honesty, this might be the best gift ever when it comes to practicality. It takes up very little space, it’s super affordable and most important of all, it raises the overall comfort to another level! When was the last time you took a long trip? If it included a low cost or economy seat, chances are you weren’t all that ecstatic about the pain in your neck afterward! With an inflatable pillow, that problem gets immediately solved, and you’ll also get a chance to catch up on your sleep during the flight.

Universal power adapter

Travelers nowadays are used to carrying a ton of gadgets. Well, guess what, those things need power! Remote battery chargers are pretty affordable nowadays, but we advise you to think outside the box! Foreign countries can sometimes use power plugs and sockets that don’t match the US standards, and you’d be surprised to hear just how many travelers completely forget about this fact. The thing about it is, power adapters tend to be pretty bulky. Luckily, there is a ton of “slim“ models available out there, so do your research prior to buying one.


Having a stylish backpack is very important to some individuals. Others appreciate the practicality far more. What if we told you-you could have both in one appealing package? It’s time to present you with Standard’s Carry-on Backpack. This amazing bag is extremely durable, offers tons of space, which is usefully divided into several compartments and is very comfortable to carry as well. As far as backpacks go, it has everything a traveler might need, and then some. Even if your friend or a family member has a backpack, this thing will instantly become their favorite new accessory.


Nothing can replace the feeling of a good book in your hands, but Kindle comes darn close to doing so. It’s impossible to carry a library wherever you go, but this tiny device can hold many titles at the same time. On the plus side, its screen technology is amazing, and it’s actually far better for our eyes, at least compared to computer and mobile phones. Cyber Monday is practically here, and there are plenty of wonderful deals out there. Would you have the willingness to explore?

Earplug and sleep masks

Trust me when I say, not even the most beautiful place in the world seems that appealing if you’re tired all the time. Unfortunately, some people simply cannot get used to switching time zones all that often, no matter how hard they try. To make matters even worse, the noise your neighbors make won’t make things any easier if you try to catch up during the day. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about the sunbeams that simply won’t quit! I sound pretty annoyed, perhaps? If at least I had some earplugs, or at least an eye mask, things would be a lot easier. Don’t repeat my mistake, and get your friends one of these. It’s a life saver!

Portable fan

This gadget seems like a waste of money to some, and that’s fair, but those people never tried to fall asleep in Vietnam during the rainy season. The humidity is simply unbearable. In those moments, you’re gonna wish you picked one of these bad boys. Additionally, these mini fans are extremely lightweight as well, and they barely take up any space. It’s one of those unusual gifts that come in handy very fast!

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