Get Familiar with these Recent RyanAir Baggage Rule Changes

Here’s a fun fact that will blow your mind. Did you know that flights nowadays last longer compared to those 30 years ago? How is that possible? The Earth’s rotation remained pretty much the same, the gravitational pull is same as it always was, and the technology keeps improving from day to day.


Still, airlines figured out that they can save huge amounts of money by slowing down their airplanes by 10%. Trust me, if you fly long distances, you will feel the difference. This was definitely a negative change, and unfortunately, RyanAir recently had another negative announcement to share with their customers.

The baggage system has gone through some changes

The year 2018 didn’t kick off too well for the budget travelers. One of the biggest airlines in the world, RyanAir, has gone through a certain transition period. They realized that travelers are abusing their rules regarding hand luggage.

According to their official explanation, a lot of flights had to be delayed because passengers oftentimes showed up with two carry-on bags at the gate. Whether it’s true or not, we’ll leave it up to you decide.

There are some great news too

Luckily, not all is bad, as some changes are definitely for the better. For instance, checked in bags now cost 25 euros, compared to the previous price of 35 euros. The total weight has also been upgraded, and it now sits at 20 kilograms, which is a huge bonus, knowing that the previous limit was set at 15. This should hopefully reduce the amount of customers with two carry-on bags at the gate, and speed up the process of boarding even further.

How will these changes affect the passengers

In previous years, passengers had the option to carry two bags, one being the hand luggage, where the dimensions were set at 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and weight did not exceed 10kg. The other, smaller bag, sized at 35cm x 20cm x 20cm.

These days, the travelers won’t be allowed to take the larger piece of luggage into the cabin free of charge. From now on, if they still want to take their luggage onboard, they’ll have to pay additional fee of 5 pounds or euros. All customers will have to follow the new rules, regardless of the time when the booking was made. Passengers who refuse to follow the new rules won’t get their money back, and in some cases, they won’t even be allowed to travel at all. This change may lead to some heated situations, but then again, don’t say that we didn’t warn you on time.

Let’s also mention that people with babies will be allowed to carry on a small 5kg bag with them. When it comes to people who have special medical needs, the rules are pretty complicated, so if you are in this group, we advise you to speak with RyanAir’s dedicated assistant line.

Is there a way to avoid paying these extra fees

Once again, the good news is that you’ll have your options. Passengers who don’t want to pay the additional 5 euro fee will be able to place their larger baggage in the hold, and this service will be free of charge.

What are the customers saying?

Most individuals are only focusing on the negatives of these changes, but the truth is, not everything is bad. If we’re being completely honest, we believe that a company like RaynAir could’ve done a better job of announcing these changes in advance, but there’s no use in crying over spilt milk.

If you shift your focus on reduced baggage fees and increased checked-in bags allowed, you’ll quickly realize that you might even like this deal. It remains to be seen how this new policy relates to delayed flights, and whether or not the boarding will improve, so we’ll have to make our judgement later.

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