Choosing your seat? What the best places on a plane to sit and what is best for you?

Those of us who are forced to travel by plane a lot know that not all seats are created equal. No, we are not talking about differences between classes either. You’d be surprised just how much of a difference a good seat makes when you’re taking a long trip across the ocean.

However, not all people are the same either. While some prefer more leg room, others give more importance to elbow room, and some just want a space where they can get a bit of much needed sleep. With that many factors in question, we need to look at things more closely in order to inform you about which seat you need to choose to have the best experience possible. Take notes!

If the turbulence is getting on your nerves

The fear of flying is a real thing, and there’s nothing like a little turbulence to put people in a state of panic. Naturally, in case you’re one of the individuals who absolutely hate turbulence, your number one priority would be to avoid it at all costs, and there’s no better way to do so than by sitting right around the wing section of the aircraft.

While the turbulence is best felt in the front and back of the plane, seats in the middle get the least bumpy ride, but it’s still pretty much impossible to avoid it altogether. However, compared to the front and back row, it does dampen it quite a bit.

If you’re feeling trapped and in a desperate need of some elbow room

Is it just us, or do airplane seats appear to be really narrow these days? Most carriers are doing their best to cram as many passengers aboard as possible, thereby maximizing the earnings, and it’s really beginning to show. So, are there any seats that offer more elbow room than the others?

Unfortunately, not so much. Truth be told, some window seats don’t even have an armrest, and while that might seem bad at first, it does give you some free space to move about, so you won’t necessarily feel like you’re being trapped inside a real tiny cage. Plus, it’s lighter by the window, giving you the illusion of space, as well as a nice view of the clouds to make you forget about your troubles. It’s not much, but it helps.

If legroom is your top priority

Aim for the exit row. Because of the safety regulations, these seats offer the most leg room, as they are the closes to the exits, which are supposed to be used in case of an emergency evacuation. Due to this reason, they are properly spaced, thus leaving plenty of space for the lucky passengers that get to sit in them.

However, take into account that only the back seats of the exit rows can recline, so get used to sitting upright, or search for the back row just in case. Sitting in the back is also good for individuals traveling with small children in their laps, giving them more room. Ultimately, the proximity to the restrooms with change tables is an additional bonus.

If you’re hoping to get some beauty sleep

Well, just do something completely opposite to the advice we gave you up top. Instead of choosing the exit row seats, aim for those located next to the window, preferably somewhere in the middle of the plane. Not only that you’ll be able to lean on the side of the plane, but you’ll be the master of light as well, shutting down the blinds to prevent the sun from messing with your sleep schedule.

On top of all, if you find a nice seat located in the middle of the aircraft, you’ll be somewhat removed from the constant noise of the cabin crew or from the people walking by in order to use the restroom. Finally, the absence of turbulence will let you relax and get some rest.

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