Looking to stay in a hostel? Check out these sites to find a place to stay

Are you looking to find a cheap but still comfortable place to stay while you’re doing your traveling? Websites like Airbnb offer plenty of great deals, and there are lots of hotels out there which provide excellent services as well. However, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, we would like to recommend staying in a hostel.

Best Hostel Sites

Naturally, levels of luxury might not be the same, but if you’re unwilling to spend top dollars, this might be the ideal solution. There are more than a few websites which offer some terrific deals, and we will direct your attention towards the best ones. Let’s begin!


American nomads simply cannot get enough of this website, and for a good reason. With hostels from around the globe, you are more than likely to find a perfect deal here. However, what separates them from the competition are also excellent discounts and promos they are becoming known for. In case you’re using their services regularly, there is a high chance they will award you with a gold membership card, which will place you in the exclusive fee-free zone. Furthermore, there are some other incentives they offer, such as free beer, bike rides or even spending a night free of charge. If you consider yourself a true nomad, this website is a gift that just keeps on giving. However, if you aren’t a frequent traveler, this option might be a bit pricey. Either way, it’s worth taking a look.


This website goes toe-to-toe with the previously mentioned one in regards to popularity. In fact, HostelBookers might even be the best option in case you’re looking for the cheapest possible deal, as they always rank high in this category. Unfortunately, they do not offer as many fantastic promo deals you would otherwise find on Hostelworld, but if you’re looking to secure the best possible location for your buck, this is your go to site.


If you like to have your trip planned out weeks in advance, Agoda might offer the best deals out there. So, in case traveling exists with your long term plans, give this website a chance, and you might score a huge discount that will make it worthwhile. Luckily, their customer service is excellent, and they might actually agree to refund you in case of any unexpected circumstances. Additionally, in case of an emergency, they will oftentimes offer a reschedule for just a small fee. Among various websites which deal with hostel rentals, they might be known as the most flexible one. Is it worth it spending a couple of extra dollars for a piece of mind? We’ll let you be the judge.


Although they are relatively new to the game, Gomio is quickly making their way to the top. Unlike other websites which offer worldwide deals, they mostly focus on hostels from Europe. In case you’re keen on visiting this wonderful continent, take a look at their website, you’ll likely to find some unique hostels which aren’t even mentioned by the competition.


Are you tired of dealing with those complicated websites which all offer the same deals either way? If so, Booking might be the way to go. Not only that their website is extremely user friendly, they also have a fantastic mobile app which makes things that much simpler. Booking a hostel on the go has never been easier! When it comes to pricing, it’s pretty much on par with Hostelworld. Doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

Aggregate websites

Time is money, and if you’re in a crunch, every second counts. That’s where these aggregate websites come into play. By mixing all the deals from multiple sources, you’ll be able to quickly inspect what the competition has to offer, which can be the best way to find a perfect deal with minimum effort. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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