As we start to travel again, here's some airplane etiquette to be mindful of

Traveling is finally becoming a possibility to millions of people around the globe, and it’s been a long time coming. If you are among those who are feeling the itch to get back out there on the road, there are still some things you need to take into consideration.

In case that you have decided to travel by airplane, know that there are several ways in which you can make this experience more pleasurable. The goal is to always try and remaining as comfortable as possible while not intruding with other people’s space. Is that really possible nowadays? Here are some things you need to pay attention to during your next trip.

Keep your phone on silent mode and always use headphones

We are all perfectly aware of the fact that apps such as Zoom and Skype are keeping people in touch nowadays, but this doesn’t mean that passengers on an airplane need to listen to your business. Even if you have a dire need to call someone, try using the headphones and be mindful of other people who might be using this time to rest and relax.

Arm yourself with patience before boarding the plane

This probably goes without saying, but always try to be as patient as possible with flight attendants. During these days, the members of the staff are especially busy as they have to follow all of the safety protocols, which means that they have a lot on their mind. Just try to cut them some slack if they are a bit late with service, as they’ve been under increased amounts of stress during the last couple of months.

Another thing that gets people in conflict fairly often is the question of who gets control of the window shades. This is usually the job of a person sitting right next to the window, but if other passengers have different needs, it’s considered good etiquette to be mindful of the situation as much as possible.

Who get control of the armrest and how to keep distance from others?

Ah, this question has been puzzling passengers for decades, and it looks as if we’ll never truly get everyone to agree on this topic. While some say that the middle passenger gets the right to use the armrest as he pleases, because the window and aisle seats already have arm rests on one side, others claim that it’s fair game on who gets there first.

Due to corona virus, passengers are now more spread out than before inside the airplane, but it still doesn’t mean that you should spread out closer to other people than before. If anything, honoring other passengers’ space is now more vital than ever, as it gives everyone a chance to travel as safe as possible.

Do not clog the aisle for too long

Don’t you just hate it when someone is trying to jam their oversized bags in the overhead bin, and it’s taking ages for them to do so? Meanwhile, you are just standing in the aisle nervously, causing an even bigger commotion than before.

This is especially bad during the pandemic, as people now like to keep as much distance from others as possible. So, to avoid being that person, try not to stuff your carry-on bag too much, or simply figure out a plan in advance on where to place your stuff. On the other hand, if someone else is standing in your way, try not to stress them out too much, as that might only make the situation worse for all parties involved.

Be mindful about reclining your seat too much

Not everyone wants their seats reclined, some people like to sit upright, while others would much rather use the time to type on their laptop. If you’ve ever tried to do this while the passenger in front of you reclined their seat to the max, you know that it’s pretty much an impossible task.

If you happen to be lucky enough so that no one is sitting behind you, feel free to recline as much as you want, but when you start invading other peoples’ space, you know it’s the right time to stop.

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