Affordable Travel Ideas in 2022

Working around the clock has left you in a constant state of burnout and you are in dire need of a vacation? Still, the economy hasn’t been really kind to many people out there, which forced some to reconsider this option.

Luckily, there are a plethora of affordable destinations that can help you recharge the batteries and take your mind off the overwhelming stress that’s everywhere around us. In this list, we tried to create a mix of remote destinations as well as those that are more easily accessible. One thing is for sure, whichever one you choose, you won’t regret it. Here’s where you can start.

San Juan, Costa Rica

For those who want to travel relatively close to home, countries in Central America are the best possible choice. Natural attractions, such as stunning beaches, a climate to die for and friendly locals are just some of the things you can be looking forward to. Among many destinations, Costa Rica stands out due to its beauty and affordable prices.

Explorers will fall in love with the available beaches, caves and waterfalls and the good thing about Costa Rica is that it’s a great place to visit year-round. So, if you are looking for a fun holiday filled with activities, this country remains one of the destinations you have to strongly consider.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in Europe, with a rich history behind it and it still remains a destination that welcomes travelers from around the world. While it is possible to spend insane amounts of money in Istanbul if you want to visit luxurious clubs and hotels, an average traveler does not have to invest a fortune in order to have a good time in the largest city of Turkey.

From budget hotels to affordable private rentals, Istanbul has it all. Additionally, the costs of living won’t break the bank, as items such as clothes and food can be found for cheap. Many of its famous cultural heritage sites offer free entry, so you’ll be able to find entertainment wherever you go. Just be sure to book at least a couple-night stay, as Istanbul is truly enormous, and visiting all the popular destinations does take some time.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam is known as a great country for all travelers who have a tight budget, and among many different places we could’ve chosen here, we have decided to go with Hoi An. Where else can you find a combination of serene countryside, Old Town protected as a UNESCO site, and of course, beaches that are as long as the eye can see?

Not to mention the fact that all of that is packed in a truly affordable package. Some of the best street food in the world can be found for under $1! That is of course if you aren’t afraid of a little bargaining, a rule that the locals are accustomed to. Don’t even get us started on the friendly locals who will always go out of their way to make you feel welcomed. A person who calls oneself a world traveler needs to experience this at least once during a lifetime.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

A country that was not always open to tourists, Uzbekistan has come a long way in recent years, and it is now finally been put on a list of visa-free destinations. The home of the once incredibly important silk road, Uzbekistan is widely known for its stunning architecture and unique landscapes.

Besides Samarkand, we also advise you to visit some other cities that laid on the silk road, such as Bukhara and Kiva, each unique and popular due to a multitude of tourist attractions. The accommodation can be found cheap, and the public transportation, primarily by train is affordable and reliable. Far from any megalopolis, these ancient cities are a testament to just how impressive classical architecture can be.

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